16th August 2018

An itch that needed to be scratched!

This was an itch that needed to be scratched and boy was it scratched! And I can definitely say it’s an itch that I want to keep on scratching.

Miss Kay was excellent right from the start. Her communication was brilliant and put this novice at ease. This was a big step for me taking what was in my head and turning it into a reality.

Earlier today I phoned to confirm my booking and was given directions to her location. On arriving at the flat I felt safe and secure right from the word go. Miss Kay was waiting for me at the top of the stairs, smiling and welcomed me in. I immediately noticed her red high heels.

After an initial chat to establish a safe word, what kind of session I wanted, whether I could be marked or not I was instructed to the bedroom and ordered to strip to my thong and return. I spent the start of the session collared, on my knees worshipping those magnificent red shoes and moved on to massaging and kissing her gorgeous feet (I’ll work on my technique for next time Miss Kay – Promise).

After that it was over her knees for a warm up. Her gloved hand and various implements went round and round my bottom making sure all of it was covered. After that it was onto the spanking bench, hands tied, gag in mouth and a wooden spoon in my hand to act as the safe word! I was determined not to use it as we worked our way along the 8 tawses. My grip got tighter on that wooden spoon. Then it was a taster session with some of her canes.

Then back on my knees and the humbler was attached. Led around the room I was positioned on the rug where my exposed balls got a taste of the riding crop and the Martinet! The safe word was about to burst out!

Then it was on to experience the joys of nipple and ball clamps along with the TENS machine while gagged and sight and sound deprived. To say I reacted to the TENS was an understatement. At least I got into double figures on the dial!

After the session ended Miss Kay took time to ask me what I like and disliked and gave me some great advice for future sessions. I didn’t feel rushed at all. As previous testimonials have said, she has the best interests of her clients at heart.

A fantastic meet and something to build on. Thank you Miss Kay.