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Happy Disciplinarian who is in the prime of her life and just adores spanking naughty boys [and girls] who are over 35.

20th February 2019

New website

Some may have noticed that I have been running with two websites for a couple of months. This site will close soon after the testimonials are transferred to my new site ms-kay.com ~ I hope you continue to follow me there.

16th November 2018

I wouldn’t hesitate to say Evil Genius…….

If I was asked to describe my feelings my most recent session, I would have to say helpless, isolated, delightfully frustrated, completely at ease, and of course, 100% satisfied.

If asked to describe you, I wouldn’t hesitate to say Evil Genius and Complete Professional

Prior to our session I had expressed an interest in trying some tighter and more restrictive bondage than our previous sessions, while inviting you to continue to use which ever tortures and instrument you felt like on me. In our previous sessions this is has mainly meant different floggers, paddles, canes and the continued ‘training’ of my poor nipples. This time you showed me that there so many different ways to torture someone brave enough to submit to you.

The session started with me lying face down, a friendly conversation about our respective Christmas plans, and mere moments later, me in a simple hogtie. The rope ran from one wrist, down around my ankles, and back to my other wrist. My wrists weren’t even tied together. Under normal circumstances I could easily reach the knot around my wrist and free myself. But we both know you’re better than that. One pair of thumb cuffs which had been applied prior to the rope saw to that. Before the session I had (foolishly) reminded you that my feet were ticklish. So here began the torture. After a few moments of trying to wiggle away from your fingers and to twist my thumb enough to reach the knot just inches from my hand, you relented, and fetched more rope. My legs were fully doubled over and tied, calf to thigh, and the original hogtied tightened to take up the slack left by my now immobilised legs.

More tickling, more struggling and twisting later, and you released my thumbs, ‘Making it a bit easier’ for me. I immediately reached for the knot on my wrist. SLAP ‘Not THAT easy’ you declared, and explained I would have to untie my ankles first. You watched on satisfied know, just like I did, that I had no chance. After a few minutes of trying, I managed to loosen the rope ever so slightly, however the slack disappeared immediately when I had to shift my arm, pulling the rope tight again.

After this I was released, and after a kind moment to stretch out my muscles, you presented the thick leather hood I would be wearing for the remainder of the session. The hood in place, I lay face up on your table, a gag placed in my mouth and the blindfold on the hood pulled down. I have said before I trust you completely during our sessions and here you were given the chance to show that trust is completely justified. The ring on the hood that allows gags to be placed was pressing painfully into my nose. I soon realised that it would be a problem, so I used the safe signal. Immediately you removed the gag and loosened the hood. After discussing the problem, you offered an alternative however I opted to remain in the hood which you left looser this time as was the gag.

This was the first time I have ever had to use a safe word with you, however despite all the punishments you have inflicted on me, I know that safety is just moments away if necessary. This knowledge is why I always feel safe coming back and submitting to you. What happened next however, is the reason I keep submitting to you.

The hood and mask sorted, you proceed to tied AND cuff my hands above head at one end of the table, while tying feet down at the other end of the table. You than applied pegs to my nipples before doing the same to my genitals over the pink panties I wear during our sessions. I mentioned earlier that our previous sessions had mainly used floggers, paddles and canes, and in all honesty, I was expecting the same here. Every time I was touched, I jumped, expecting pain.

No, you had a worse punishment in store for me.

You lifted up my panties, and pushed something down to the bottom, and flipped a switch. A vibrator. Then another, and another. The placement was perfect. Teasing my genitals but no where near strong enough to do more than that. I lay there frustrated and awaiting you next torment when I heard a sound. It was muffled by the hood but it was enough to realise one thing. That was from downstairs. You had left me here to be frustrated. I started squirming, not looking for release but satisfaction. All I found was discomfort as the pegs shook in response to my movement. Eventually I gave up and relaxed, actually quite comfortable apart from the vibrations.

On returning, you used yet another vibrator to tease the pegs before returning to tickling me. Eventually the vibrators were removed and I thought there could be no worse torture than that. I was wrong. You had also shown the care you take in your work again, removing the handcuffs out of concern. I was still securely tied however and the next torture is why I would not hesitate to call you an evil genius.

You first applied some electrodes to my inner thighs and set up the pattern. The pulses going through my body were not painful at first but grow in intensity with each one, finally reaching the point were I would flinch, trying to shack the pads off. The pulse would stop before the pattern repeated again. As soon as I got used to this, the exact moment, then my nipples exploded in pain. You were pulling on the pegs. When you did it a second time I got the message, and tried to wiggle my towards the top of the table. Once the little slack there was in the ropes around my ankles was taken up, you stopped, but I could sense you moving. Then my left nipple was being pulled on again, though much less severely this time. Then I felt some string being pulled tight over my arms running towards the head of the table and I realised what you were doing. The string was tied to the pegs, running over my chest and arms, past my head and being tied off. My suspicion was confirmed when my right nipple received similar treatment.

Then the real depths of your plan revealed itself, as the electric shocks to my thighs reach the peak of the cycle, causing me to flinch. From now off every time I flinched, I would be pulling on my own nipples. Even when I braced myself, my body would tense against the shocks, and that would be enough to cause just enough movement in my chest to pull on the pegs. You didn’t have to do anything and I would still be tortured by my own body. So of course, you did something. A combination of pins and I believe a hair brush was gently applied to my skin. The pattern of the shocks to my thighs were changed. Nothing on its own particularly painful, but with me sitting in the dark, the anticipation caused my to jump a little each time.

Eventually you relented and the session came to a close. Every session has been great, however this session is my favourite to date, and I’ll admit that by the end, the amount of adrenaline pumping through my system had my body trembling. As always, I find myself looking forward to our next session already.

16th November 2018

A “get-to-know-you” visit for us both!

I’ll leave writing a proper review until next time, since  this was more a “get-to-know-you” visit for us both!


Please accept my apologies for being so tentative in my approach. As I may have explained, badly, having kept the subject very much under wraps for the last fifty years or so, I found it difficult to suddenly chat about all my fantasies and desires, however I hope to do better in future!

I particularly enjoyed the sting of the Convent strap, (albeit wielded very gently), and thoroughly enjoyed being over your knee for a light spanking! I have a feeling I may regret that statement! The opportunity to try the cane was good, although, again, I appreciate you were being very gentle with me!


Unfortunately distance precludes another visit in the very near future, however I am hopeful that I shall manage another trip North in the early part of next year. I the meantime, thank you once again for your time and consideration and I look forward to an uncomfortable meeting in the not too distant future!


Miss Kay


25th October 2018

Not so much an Autumn warmer as an Autumn roaster.

With winter fast approaching I thought it would be a good idea to visit the lovely Miss Kay in her new lair in South Lanarkshire for one of her Autumn warmers. I have to say that the new premises is easy to get to by road, just off the M74 and if you don’t drive Miss Kay will happily pick you up at the nearby Larkhall station. The new premises is also ideal for old codgers like myself as there are no stairs to climb before being ushered into the room where you will receive your discipline’
After the usual chat and refreshment I was invited over her lovely knees to get my bum smacked. After a few smacks with her hand my bum was beginning to tingle nicely when she moved on to what looked like a hairbrush and black paddle now my bum was now stinging. Next she decided to warm my hands with one of her tawses, six good whacks later I was trying to shake the sting out of my hands and Miss Kay was returning the tawse to her desk with that knowing smile she has when she knows she has done the business. She is getting too good at belting the hands. Now it was the turn of my rear end to receive her gentle treatment. First of all she showed me a new cane she had just taken ownership of and asked me if I would like to be the first to try it out. How could I refuse. Following on from that, various canes, straps a new flogger and the trusty carpet beater all came into contact with my exposed rear end.


I will have to be careful what I say in future, I made a polite suggestion to Miss Kay that when she is using a strap on someones rear it is a good idea for the recipient to be lying flat out on a sofa so that the spanker can draw the strap down from over her shoulder. Miss Kay’s comment was ‘that’s a good idea lets try it out’. After testing various straps in that position she said wait there and went to her desk where she keeps her tawses. I felt six stinging whacks and inquired as to what she had used. Again with that knowing smile she held up the tawse, it was her Philps, OUCH. It was a fantastic day and I returned home after

Miss Kay and her Foo Foo slippers!

12th October 2018

Now flexible visiting hours!

I can now offer visits early evening and weekends ~ in fact call me to discuss the times that are best for you to get that long overdue skelping!

10th October 2018

Deftly pulling my trousers down and ordering me over your knee for a spanking!

Good evening Miss Kay,

Thank you again for another wonderful session. Please see below the testimonial. I apologise if these drag on for a bit however I don’t think I a short testimonial really does you justice.

Sitting on the couch in your ‘headmistresses office’ you immediately took control, ordering me to stand before, deftly pulling my trousers down and ordering me over your knee for a spanking. This started softly enough but swiftly picked up in both intensity and tempo. Even when you pulled down my boxers and spanked my bare skin it never reached the point of discomfort. Then the gloves came off,  quite literally, in this case. It was amazing the difference removing a simple pair of red gloves could have, and I immediately remembered our previous sessions, and knew that worse was to come.

The warm up over, you ordered me to the head of the couch, before bending over the arm. I couldn’t possibly tell you what you were using on my poor backside because my world exploded into pain with each stroke. Resisting (barely) the temptation to climb over the arm of the couch and flee, I continued to squirm and moan under your treatment. However my ‘audition for amateur dramatics’ as you see kindly described my discomfort as, did not please you. Why wasn’t I thanking you. So we continued, and not content with my thanks, you also taught the importance of counting each of the strokes, with a stern comment ‘how many was that’ A simple enough statement but a brutal reminder of who was in charge.

The session then moved to the second room you use to entertain guests yourself. Stripped of my clothing and ordered into a beautiful pair of peach panties, you tied my hands behind the back of the chair I was sitting on. Then out came the vet tape. Three times it went round my lower face, serving to muffle me, but still allowing for easy breathing and the obligatory ‘thank you’, and single roll around my eyes to form a simple blindfold. I’ll admit that at first, I didn’t think that a single layer would make an effective blindfold, as you can see through it a little, but I was wrong. Due to the material, and the chair being facing the window all I could see most of the time was the light. Later in the session when I was on my back this remained the case. It truly was a strange experience to effectively be blindfolded in white, rather than darkness as one would expect.

There where two exceptions to this however, which actually made the tape even more exciting. The first was when you stood in front of me. You always took time to consider your options and held things out for my inspection. However through the tape, all I could see was your silhouette. Try as I might, I could not see what you were holding. You soon ended the suspense however, attaching electrical pads to my nipples. More than anything else the shock caught me off guard, however the increasing intensity soon brought pain with it. You then commented on how it was only at level 15 of 25, and how most people could easily go higher.

As much as I enjoy being submissive, that comment still managed to trigger my masculine pride. Four words popped into my head. Oh. It. Is. On. I clamped my jaw shut behind the tape. That was it, you were getting nothing else out of me for the remainder of the session. I think that lasted about 20 seconds or so, but after that, well, I wasn’t going to make it easy for you. So after setting one of the automatic shock programs on your controls, you used pins, and then a flogger to torment me further. This of course got the desired responses from me.

Then it was time for a more old fashion form of nipple torture. Steel pegs. I both love and hate those. The feeling when they are in place is incredible, and I’m happy to report that the pattern you so carefully made, though fading, is still visible as I write this more than five hours after our session. On the other hand, the sting when they go on is bad, and is a thousand times worse when they come off. Not content with just putting pegs on however, you then proceeded to attached different chains and weights to the pegs. I think I will remember forever you comment about it looking like a fetish version of Mr T. I couldn’t resist then or now. ‘I pity the fool.’

This brings me to the second time I was able to see through the tape blindfold. Pegs and chains still in place, you untied my hands and had me stand, and then lean forward, all the weight now resting of my poor nipples. Leaning forward like this, I was able to see clearly through the tape. You then proceeded to set the chains swinging. I don’t know why, but at that moment I found the view of all the silverware swinging from my chest to be so exhilarating. Even when you went off to get your next torment, I found myself swaying back and forth slightly, despite the pain, just to keep the chains swinging. Unfortunately it had to end as you returned with your heaviest weight. You stated that you didn’t think it would stay on if added, but there was only one way to know for sure. Once added, it got another moan from me, however I actually felt proud as it stayed put. This gave plenty of time for you to take a photo however, as you moved from my right to my left to take a second photo, I could feel the peg beginning to slip. 

I knew that once it went, it would HURT. Thinking back on it now, all I had to do to avoid this, was to reach out. My hands were still free after all. However at the time, I was so lost in the moment, so far under your control, that it never even occurred to me that this was an option. Instead, all that was going through my head was ‘I’m going to get punished when this goes’ and I willed the peg to stay on long enough for you to take your second photo. It wasn’t to be. The peg snapped off, ALL the weight transferred to my other nipple, I screamed, and of course, you disapproved. I was to be punished for that.

Next you helped guide me to your massage table. Despite being a few feet away, I couldn’t see behind my blindfold of light. Apparently my cock had been misbehaving and it was time for it to be punished with a little CBT. With my arms tied to the table, you started by flogging me, reminding me again to properly express my gratitude. Then you started attaching some pegs, followed by a vibrator to make those pegs dance. They weren’t the only thing dancing at this point, and you demanded to know why I was squirming. I know it sounds absurd, but it was actually ticklish.  During my dancing around, I noticed that the rope around my left arm had loosened. Honesty is the best approach I thought. Miss Kay will appreciate that and give me some points, a smile forming behind my tape gag. Nope, smile gone, I’m to be punished for pulling the bonds, now retied, loose.

Back out came the electric device, this time applied to my inner thighs. When my muscles spasmed in response to the shocks, it made the pegs on genitals hit off each other. I was rattling, you commented. I have some vague recollections for being flogged a few times, however I could be wrong. As strange as it sounds, I was incredibly content at this moment. The shock to my thighs were no where near as bad as those to my sensitive nipples, and the rattling along with the soothing music you were playing through out the session combined to leaving feeling so relaxed. I remember thinking at the time that I could quite happily fall asleep here. That wasn’t to be of course, and the vibrator, along with a different shock pattern rom the electrodes kept me from drifting off. It wasn’t ticklish this time, although compared to some of the earlier treatments I had received, it was almost pleasant. Then came the final moment of discomfort, removing the pegs. There really is no way around it and even when ready for it, yeah, fun times.

Then there was one final order of business, my punishment. Reaching into you bag of assorted dice, this time I felt for the six sided dice, figuring a small number of heavy strokes would be better than a large number of small strokes. Luck was with me as well, only two strokes. Finally a break. Nope. You decided it would be best of three. So I ended up with five strokes. I immediately realised the error of going for small number of strokes when you began looking through your collection for a suitable candidate. I admit, when you pulled out the old fashion carpet beater, I was genuinely scared for a moment. Wow.

For anyone reading this testimonial, I give Miss Kay permission to punish me for any transgressions she feels have been made. She keeps her own council on what these are, however examples include failing to show proper gratitude or respect, loosening ropes and so on. The main reason I do this however is because I want to push my limits. I want there to be consequences of trying to take an easy way out, and the threat of looming punishment provides that. Make no mistake, I have never once felt anything other than perfectly safe in Miss Kay’s care, and the ‘punishment’ is purely to help me push further, but that carpet beater. Wow. I would go to great lengths to avoid that particular punishment again.

Despite that though, I still really enjoyed the session, and am already thinking about the next one.