14th September 2018

Bound, gagged and held captive!

An appointment with Mistress Kay, is always a thrilling prospect. In my previous meetings, I have explored various fantasies and always left her premises thrilled at the experience.
We agreed to hostage scenario and I duly arrived, I thought for a friendly visit (oh yes…), but was immediately placed in handcuffs. Marched to a seat, I was further tied and gagged, but nothing too severe. Mistress took a picture and the role play was to try to gain cash for my release. She was knocked back. My bonds were increased and the gag was made more severe. No cash was forthcoming. The cruelty of the bondage was increased a further two times, including a strict hogtie, before the money was forwarded. My handling was rough and the bondage severe. Release was a pleasure.
Despite the severe bondage, you know that trusting Mistress Kay is as always, a given. She is an expert at taking a client to the limits in a scene, which is exactly what you are looking for from a Mistress. She is a wonderful, cruel (in the best possible way) host.