14th September 2017

Delivery from Quality Control

Just arrived and been used today!

Senior Dragon Cane
Senior dragon canes are 8-10mm diameter stingy but with less thud than reformatory thickness dragons. They still give an intense sensation, leaving clearly defined marks ~ having played with this all afternoon, I can truly say this is the best cane I have ever used!


Horse Hair Whip
Our beautiful horse hair whips have black leather covered shafts and real black horse hair tails. The extra amount of hair used gives a reasonable amount of thud and a stinging sensation that gets progressively harsher on the skin.  Feedback for this is that it starts so gently but quickly becomes very intense!  A work of art! [the whip not the bottom I used it on!]

New Equipment
12th December 2016

How I love surprise gifts!

What  lovely thoughtful gifts…..I am going to have so much fun with these…..Thank you Ian [?] Merry Christmas!

Best swishes for 2017!

Miss Kay

YOUR Domestic Disciplinarian in Scotland

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