22nd September 2018

First visit

It had been a few months since I had any kind of discipline.
I tried Miss Kay for the first time today.
A very well delivered and hard OTK spanking followed by six of the best from each of her large collection of belts. Then a very sound caning from her armoury of canes. All accurately delivered and even across the buttocks.
Miss Kay has a very good backhand stroke, a skill that puts her in a different class and ensures a very good beating.
I will definitely be back as soon as I’m healed…
14th September 2018

Bound, gagged and held captive!

An appointment with Mistress Kay, is always a thrilling prospect. In my previous meetings, I have explored various fantasies and always left her premises thrilled at the experience.
We agreed to hostage scenario and I duly arrived, I thought for a friendly visit (oh yes…), but was immediately placed in handcuffs. Marched to a seat, I was further tied and gagged, but nothing too severe. Mistress took a picture and the role play was to try to gain cash for my release. She was knocked back. My bonds were increased and the gag was made more severe. No cash was forthcoming. The cruelty of the bondage was increased a further two times, including a strict hogtie, before the money was forwarded. My handling was rough and the bondage severe. Release was a pleasure.
Despite the severe bondage, you know that trusting Mistress Kay is as always, a given. She is an expert at taking a client to the limits in a scene, which is exactly what you are looking for from a Mistress. She is a wonderful, cruel (in the best possible way) host.

12th September 2018

Moments into the session I was already trembling.

Thank you again for the wonderful afternoon, and for sending over the pictures. As promised please find my testimonial below.

You had simply ordered me to strip naked and put on a pair of bright red women’s underwear, which you confidently stated was the colour you were aiming to see on my bottom by the end of the session. In those few moments, I immediately felt so meek and helpless, standing before you awaiting my fate.

Placing a chair in the centre of the room you ordered me to sit, before cuffing my hands behind my back, attached to a collar round my neck. Next my feet were tied by a chain running round the back of the chair. This was followed you ‘gentler’ set of nipple clamps. Then a heavier chain was attached to these. Then a second even heavier chain. By now I was leaning forward, trying to find a way to relieve the pressure on my strained nipples. Inches from my face, was a third, even larger chain, which you commented you didn’t think that my nipples could handle the wait. After a moment waiting to see if I would use our safe word, on went the chain. And it turns out you were right. Immediately the nipple clamp snapped off, causing more than a little discomfort. I’ll admit to being a little disappointed when you took the clamps and chains away, but also a little relieved. We were only minute into the session and I was already breathing heavily. You then commented on having to train my nipples further, and produced your more severe Japanese style nipple clamps, complete with fishing weights already attached. Those (un)fortunately stayed put. Now it was time to really get started.

Then out came THE flogger. I say THE flogger as its the one I bought as a gift for you before our first session, as a way to make up for my extreme nervousness and it pleased me that you remembered. It pleased me less when it started striking my body. Of course every strike caused me to jump, in turn causing the weights on my nipples to shift. At this point the only real disappointment with the session happened, and in fairness, it led to an even better outcome. The Velcro on the collar kept coming lose, and what submissive doesn’t want to wear a collar at least some of the time. This wasn’t because of any substandard equipment or misuse on your part, but because I don’t have a neck per-se, rather more of a continuation of my shoulder muscles running right into my skull. So the collar and cuffs want away and instead my hands were tied, crossed at the wrist, behind my head. Technically I was more free than I had been a moment ago as I could move my arms, however I immediately knew that moving at all was not an option, and doing so would earn me punishment.

Prior to our session I had given you permission to punish me if you felt I was acting inappropriately, and I was determined not to make it easy for you. And unless I’m very much mistaken I very quickly gained my first two punishment. First, with my hands retied you resumed flogging my chest and sternly told me to stop moving after each strike. I tried, and failed. Then, after being blindfolded, you had me guess what you were doing next, After an incorrect first guess, I realised you had lit a candle. The first time you used it on me, my yelp of pain blew out the candle. Another punishment earned. I then clamped my mouth shut, determined not to make the same mistake. I tried, and failed. Then more strikes to the chest and back. I don’t know what instrument you were using, but the nipple chain continued to dance regardless.

Then after a brief pause to stretch my muscles, I laid face down on the floor, my own weight pressing down on the still attached nipple clamps, and was hogtied ankle to toe. The assault on my feet was next. The choice between several different instruments to be used. By this point I driven down so far mentally that I took the cowards way out, and took the easiest option. Another punishment earned. Next, untied and the clamps finally removed, I was ordered to kneel on all fours and you turned your attention to my bottom. By this point I was loosing myself more and more in the moment. I couldn’t even tell you what instrument you used, or if you gave me a choice. With each new act, I felt myself becoming more and more submissive. I didn’t think I could sink any further. And then you taught me the phrase that would become my mantra for the remainder of the session.

‘Thank you Mistress’

Everyone who has ever looked into the lifestyle for even a moment will have encountered these words, either in stories, testimonials or videos. But to actually say them. Over and over as you attacked my backside. It was hours ago now and I still cant put that moment into words. I think its one of those moments where if someone doesn’t get it, no words can properly describe it. And if they do get it, then no words are necessary.

During this time, you also took the trouble to fill my mouth with a ball gag, which remained in place as you tied me (face up) to your massage table. You gave me an option between CBT or nipple torture. No hesitation. CBT. Didn’t care if it earned my a punishment. I didn’t want you anywhere near my aching nipples again. So of course immediately after tying of my genitals (and handing me the rope and directing me to keep it tight) you started teasing both my genitals AND my nipples. Three clothes pegs to each nipple and (based on the photo you kindly showed my afterwards) 20 on my genitals. Tickling of my feet with pins was next. Normally my feet are not too ticklish however by this point I was beyond trying to appear tough. I would try anything to get away. Thrashing about only caused the pegs to shake, and the rope in my hand to go taught. There was no escape. You pointed out that I was only making it worse for myself. Another punishment I guess but I tried my best to remain still. And again, I tried, and failed.

Then came another choice. Did I want to have my feet tortured with the cane with the cord grip, or would I prefer to have my feet tortured with the cane with the swede grip. For what its worth, I went with the swede. Then, as a final little game you produced your ten sided dice, where every side was a multiple of ten. On rolling for me, you (conveniently) rolled 90, the highest possible. At first I honestly thought that this would be the end, and that I would be using a safe word. But with a little help from my counting, and frenzied hand gestures when you couldn’t understand me through my gag, we made it to 90.

Then came the worst part, removing all those clothes pegs. The irony is that I seriously considered using the safe word at this point. But then I figured, they’ve got to come off one way or the other anyway so its kind of pointless now.

Finally the session was over, except for my punishment. Free of my bonds, I leaned over your table to accept he various belts and tawse to my bottom. Again, I was given the choice of which one would be used, the candidates lying on the table next to me. Of course, ‘since they were out’ they all got used and I was only really in charge of the order. After complementing on taking my punishment well, the session was finally over.

I will offer a special thank you for being such a generous host while the marks from the gag faded from my face.

After my earlier taster session, I had really hoped to step things up with this session, and was not disappointed. I wish I could say I was proud of myself for toughing out some of the more severe moments, however even as I descended further and further into a submissive state, my rational brain was always working away in the background, analysing the situation. You read the situation perfectly at every moment, knowing exactly when to ease up on the intensity. I know there were moments where you stepped down the physical intensity, however this allowed for the mental intensity of the session to remain throughout the entire session. While I thankful for every part of the session, your ability to judge the moment is in my opinion, the thing to be most thankful for.

As always it was a genuine pleasure and I look forward to more sessions in the future. Now its time to go and nurse (ok play with) my tender nipples, and avoid putting my feet on any hardwood surfaces, like my kitchen floor, however I’ll say it one last time just for kicks.

Thank you Mistress

17th August 2018

I started chuckling to myself, and continued to do so the whole way home.

Miss Kay

My backside is red,

My arm turned blue,

But I had a fantastic time,

All thanks to you.

So yeah, my terrible poetry aside, that is a very broad overview of my visit to Miss Kay a earlier. I’m still processing much of what happened, however it is all the small details I remember the most.

I have no prior experience but after having been interested for a long time, I finally worked up the courage to book an appointment with Miss Kay. This was to be a taster session covering a range of different activities so I can start to get a feel for what I do and don’t like, and can honestly say I now have a good idea.

Prior to the appointment I will admit to being extremely nervous, however from the moment I entered Miss Kay was a friendly, kind and caring host. The offered drink helped to calm my nerves, as did our discussion about safe words, how the session would proceed and the activities in general. But even then I couldn’t help but notice the ice cubes in my water clinking around from my trebling. Like I said the small things are what I remember the most.

Then the session began. After stripping to my underwear, I was over Miss Kay’s knee and the spanking began. Her hands and various different items were used, the blows falling in time to the music she had put on. After a while I worked out the tempo in my head and started to anticipate the blows. Didn’t help in the slightest of course. Then I was informed that ‘The warm up is over’ My underwear was pulled down and the spanking resumed. Much worse this time, as in addition to not having a my boxer, Miss Kay had taken the gloves off. (Literally, the ‘warm up’ had both my boxers and her gloves to cushion the impact)

I was then told to stand and led to a mirror to see the result.

Then it was time for some bondage. Told to lie face down on the ground, Miss Kay proceeded to bind my wrists. I was testing these binding when my legs were bent and my feet bound. I was being hogtied. I was briefly left to test the bonds while Miss Kay left the room. She returned shortly later asking what I was doing. ‘Do you really think that’s possible’ she joked after I informed that I was trying to see if I could reach the knots. Of course I knew I couldn’t, but I felt I had to try. And then having my elbows bound behind my back didn’t make life any easier. Since I was in a ‘good position’ according to Miss Kay, next came the cane blows to my feet. Now that stung a fair bit. While I was still processing this, she switch to tickling my feet. Then I was left alone again, testing my bonds. I heard clinking from the kitchen next door, and recognised the sound immediately. When Miss Kay returned I tried to look up to confirm my suspicion, however the hogtie prevented my being able to raise my head high enough. Even with my suspicion, the ice cube to my back still came as a shock.

Then the tickling resumed, without pause. Realising I was in trouble, I marshalled my strength, ropes straining, water from melted ice spilling out the small of my back, I made my escape. ‘You don’t think you can get away do you?’ Miss Kay asked. In my defence, I think that the couple of inches I was able to move was pretty good under the circumstances. So the tickling continued and then ‘Maybe you prefer the cane?’ I didn’t really but the tickling continued after a few more seconds, a ‘Yes’ found its way through my lips. So out came the more vicious cane. And that one really hurt.

On reflection, I still don’t know if I prefer the cane or the tickling.

At this point I got to see Miss Kay’s caring side. My arm apparently was turning blue. I couldn’t tell any difference to tell the truth however the rope was clearly affecting circulation, so Miss Kay untied me.  Unfortunately the caring side then stopped, as the red from my spanking had gone, and it was now time to fix that. So out came the spanking bench. And Miss Kay’s tawse collection.

I would like to mention that my the time I started school, this form of corporal punishment had been outlawed, so I have never had to see these. Miss Kay provided some history on the each tawse before so set it to work on my backside. Some are reproductions, some are authentic pieces of history. Of course I could not repeat any of the details because to me they were just painful, more painful, really painful and so on. By I think the four one, it was becoming so painful that I was pushing the bench along the floor slightly in response to each blow. Six strokes with each tawse but in truth, the pain was the least of my issues. The board with Miss Kay’s collection was by my head and my gaze was fixed on the eighth one. This one was visibly thick that all the others, and I’ll admit, it scared me. but I wanted to find my limits. By the sixth tawse I was seriously considering using the safe word, but I held back. I was determined.

And then it was all over.

This was the only moment during the session where I was genuinely disappointed. Miss Kay informed me that blood had been drawn. It was a tiny amount, barely even visible on the cloth the Miss Kay used to treat me, but she would go to further, out of fear of making the injury worse. To be clear, I have nothing but respect for Miss Kay and the decision she made. My disappointment comes from not being able to see it through. If I’m being honest, I think that the final two would have broken me, I would have used the safe word, but at least I would have found my limits. Oh well, maybe next time.

The session though was not over. On wobbly legs I returned to the mirror and inspected the result of Miss Kay’s handiwork. I couldn’t believe that was me. The heat coming off me. The roughness of the skin. Typing this I realise I need to revisit my last paragraph. I don’t think anymore, I know I would have used the safe word if we continued.

The remainder of the session was carried out on Miss Kay’s massage table. I laid on my back and was bound to the table. At this point I can only inform you of what I THINK happened, as I was swiftly blindfolds, gagged and denied my hearing through sound supressing head phones. I wooden spoon was placed in my hand, to be used in place of a safe word while gagged. Dropping it would show that I had enough. First my genitals where tied off, followed by nipple clamps (which I later learned were adjustable and were pretty lose on me) Electric shocks were applied to my thighs, I guess through some kind of control box since the shocks alternated following a pattern. While this was going to Miss Kay used some kind of probes in her hand to administer shocks to the rest of my body, ranging all the way from my chest down to my feet. My penis was treated to these shocks as well, and also a pinwheel if I’m not mistaken. Compared to the spanking and the tawse, the pain was nothing, however the full body treatment, combined with the sensory deprivation meant I was thrashing around anyway, unable to guess where the next assault would be coming from. Also Miss Kay would pull on the nipple clamps and I guess the rope attached to my genitals, forcing me to lift myself of the table. Let me say, that’s no easy task when your tied down and being treated to electric shocks. Then my genitals were untied, the shocks stopped, and Miss Kay awarded me one of her special gold stars for not using the safe word..

After being untied from the table, a shower was offered. I declined because I was eager to rush home to my own bathroom so I could inspect the mark on my body in more detail, but I appreciated the offer. I honestly would not have guessed that 90 minutes had passed. Miss Kay and I had a friendly chat about the session, which help me to form some ideas of what I want to explore further going forward.

After leaving though, I realised that I had been left with one final gift I did not expect. After leaving town and joining the motorway, I turned on the cruise control at 65mph, content to let everyone overtake me while I reflected on the session. About five minutes later I started fell rather warm in the seat. ‘That’s funny’ I thought while instinctively reaching for the controls ‘I don’t remember turning on the heated seats’ We all now where this is going, the heated seats weren’t on. I don’t know why, but as soon as I realised, I started chuckling to myself, and continued to do so the whole way home.

To Miss Kay, I cant thank you enough for the fantastic experience. I look forward to the time when I may be able to place myself in your hands again.

To everyone else reading this testimonial, I know its a bit long winded, but thank you for sticking to the end. I cant recommend Miss Kay enough.

16th August 2018

An itch that needed to be scratched!

This was an itch that needed to be scratched and boy was it scratched! And I can definitely say it’s an itch that I want to keep on scratching.

Miss Kay was excellent right from the start. Her communication was brilliant and put this novice at ease. This was a big step for me taking what was in my head and turning it into a reality.

Earlier today I phoned to confirm my booking and was given directions to her location. On arriving at the flat I felt safe and secure right from the word go. Miss Kay was waiting for me at the top of the stairs, smiling and welcomed me in. I immediately noticed her red high heels.

After an initial chat to establish a safe word, what kind of session I wanted, whether I could be marked or not I was instructed to the bedroom and ordered to strip to my thong and return. I spent the start of the session collared, on my knees worshipping those magnificent red shoes and moved on to massaging and kissing her gorgeous feet (I’ll work on my technique for next time Miss Kay – Promise).

After that it was over her knees for a warm up. Her gloved hand and various implements went round and round my bottom making sure all of it was covered. After that it was onto the spanking bench, hands tied, gag in mouth and a wooden spoon in my hand to act as the safe word! I was determined not to use it as we worked our way along the 8 tawses. My grip got tighter on that wooden spoon. Then it was a taster session with some of her canes.

Then back on my knees and the humbler was attached. Led around the room I was positioned on the rug where my exposed balls got a taste of the riding crop and the Martinet! The safe word was about to burst out!

Then it was on to experience the joys of nipple and ball clamps along with the TENS machine while gagged and sight and sound deprived. To say I reacted to the TENS was an understatement. At least I got into double figures on the dial!

After the session ended Miss Kay took time to ask me what I like and disliked and gave me some great advice for future sessions. I didn’t feel rushed at all. As previous testimonials have said, she has the best interests of her clients at heart.

A fantastic meet and something to build on. Thank you Miss Kay.

14th August 2018

Worth the wait!

Worth the wait!

I am writing this 3 hours or so after my first session with Miss Kay, and actually my first session with any disciplinarian. It’s something I’ve thought about for a long time and finally decided to bite the bullet after reading the other testimonials. All I can do is agree with every word.

From the moment I first made contact with Miss Kay, she was friendly, funny and understanding.

On the day, I phoned to confirm my booking and got instructions on how to find the location.

I pressed the buzzer, heart in mouth, and walked up the stairs to be met by Miss Kay smiling, looking stunning in a blouse, tight skirt and incredible red high heels.

We sat down and she asked questions to establish what kind of session I was looking for. As well as it being my first time, I also couldn’t be heavily marked. Miss Kay talked through how we would keep an eye it (though I think she was maybe a bit disappointed at the lack of marking given her obvious love of spanking naughty boys).

Down to business and I was instructed to take off my trousers and to go over Miss Kay’s lap for a warm up. She started with her gloved hand, spanking me in volleys of 10 or so before moving onto just a few of her cast selection of implements – a short strap and plimsol amongst others.

Before long, the glove was pulled off and my pants pulled down and the bare bottom spanking I’ve been craving began. First with her hand, then back through the implements, this time the effects much greater.

After being ordered from her knee (I have to say I was reluctant to get up) we took a check on the damage and decided to continue.

At this point, I was ordered over the spanking bench and my hands strapped to the side. This was all a bit of a blur as the intensity and severity of the implements increased. We moved onto leather paddles and eventually 6 strokes with a particularly stingy cane.

After another check on my increasingly red bottom I was back over Miss Kay’s knee, wearing only my socks, for a seemingly even harder spanking.

Then back over the bench for a final flurry, including a dose of the strap {Number of strokes being decided on the roll of a dice!} which looking back was my favourite. We finished with the riding crop which pushed me to my limit, earning me a “Jessie-star” rather than a gold one!

I have to say it was an absolutely fantastic hour spent with a beautiful, funny, knowledgeable woman who has the best interests of her clients at heart and a mean right hand. Whilst it was worth the wait, my only regret is that I didn’t do it sooner.

Thanks Miss Kay!

27th July 2018

Sunny and warm but not half as warm as my well whacked backside!

It was a warm sunny day as I took off down the M74 towards Hamilton, it was going to get a lot warmer because I was heading for the lair of the lovely disciplinarian Miss Kay. After a relaxing refreshment and chat it was down to business.

Miss Kay quickly warmed up my hands by belting them with a couple of her tawses. She is becoming too good at this because the first tawse she used stung the hands for quite a while. She next thanked me for the bunch of birch twigs I had brought her, ordered me over the spanking bench and promptly whacked my bare backside with them.

Oh joy but worse was to follow. Next I was leathered by her Irish Convent Strap to be followed by her Canadian Prison strap, by now my poor bum was crying out for help but none was to come. She next informed me that I was going over her knee for a spanking. Her hand was used along with various little painful implements including a wooden spoon, it finished off with a good walloping with her plimsoll.

Finally it was back over the spanking bench to experience the delights of two or three of her canes. One of them is a real beauty and it certainly left its mark. All too soon is was back up the M74, it was still Sunny and warm but not half as warm as my well whacked backside!


8th July 2018

Together we have explored my sexuality…….

I have known Miss Kay for some years now and together we have explored my sexuality – trying all sorts of interesting new angles.  Some were an interesting one-off experiences, some we have repeated and developed together.  Unfortunately circumstances are such that I do not get to visit frequently, but this week the planets aligned and I had the opportunity to visit and Miss Kay had some new equipment for me to try – donated by another of her clients (Many thanks for that kind donation.)

Miss Kay knows what I enjoy and knows my limits (although she occasionally tests them!).  For my part I know that I can absolutely trust her and that she is highly competent and very experienced, so I can permit myself to be in positions of personal helplessness, knowing that I will be safe.  This is, for me, absolutely critical.

The first new experience was the strait-jacket, which I found surprisingly comfortable, a little bit hot, (but it was a very warm day – so that is exceptional) and very restricting for the upper body.  This was followed by the full head hood – I refused the ball gag – I needed to breath and I needed to be able to speak if required – but otherwise I was shut away.  No vision and reduced sound – best described as like having a poor mobile phone signal.  I could hear, but not always sufficiently well to understand the instructions.  Being walked around her flat with no vision was quite disorientating.  I finally ended up on the rug on the floor, face down with a hog-tie pulling my  legs back just using rope around my big toes.   This really was quite restricting, and I became passive as there was nothing that I could do.  Miss Kay did attack the exposed soles of my feet with an implement – possibly a cane, which was a new experience.

After a while toying with me in my helpless condition she had me stand up – not as difficult as I had expected and directed me back through the door into the bedroom (and I did not touch anything! – she was very skilled in steering me).  The new equipment was removed and I was tied (with soft scarves) to the massage table on my back, had my eyes very effectively covered with an eye mask and then Miss Kay continued to torment me – nipple clamps chained together – when she knows I do not like pain and she tied up my cock and balls.  This continued in various forms for some while and I think I can say that I was fully satisfied by the time we got to the end.

It is both stimulating and relaxing to be able to place your whole being in Miss Kay’s very capable hands and just go with the flow. So if you want to try something new, Miss Kay is exactly the right lady with which to embark upon that adventure.  I look forward to my next visit – as yet with no idea of when or what might happen, but sound in the knowledge that it will be fun and likely to take me to new places.

25th June 2018

Letter to Miss Kay……

Dear Miss Kay,
Its always a pleasure to spend time helpless at your feet….well to begin with at least!
One of the most attractive features I have always found in a person is confidence, and this is something you exude.
From our very first telephone conversation through to our first meeting you have always given off a real sense of confidence and control which has equally set my mind at ease and my heart racing!
I really didn’t know what to expect from our meeting especially since you had sent me some pictures of some new positions and toys.
When you ordered me to strip I wasn’t sure what you had in mind for me to start our session, when you had me kneel and brought out a roll of vet wrap that you had told me previously you had purchased to experiment with I wasn’t sure what you were going to do with it. When you started to gag me with it by wrapping over and around my mouth and head I was surprised how effective it was, I was also surprised how much wrap was on one roll, I lost count of how many times you wrapped it around and around my mouth, then eyes, in fact I think the only thing visible on my face was my nose. I was pleasantly surprised how effective it was at blocking out the light and keeping my noise to a minimum. when you had me lie face down on the rug and started binding my arms behind me my heart was racing, it felt like you used your leg or foot as leverage to get my elbows closer together than in previous visits and when you finished tying them there was definitely less slack by the time you had finished  binding my ankles together and securing the hogtie rope I knew I was in the tightest bondage I had ever experienced and it felt bliss! 
it felt like only a few minutes of struggling and writhing around on your rug as I heard you clicking photos and typing away on your phone, I think you told me I was struggling too much as I had came close to spilling your glass off the table which I couldn’t understand as I was no where near it the last time I could see! I could hear you walking around then felt you kneel but couldn’t believe when you started to fasten a collar around my neck but the shock of being collared was nothing compared to the shock of having a rope tied to the collar then pulled back down to my elbows and tied off forcing me to try and keep my head up off the floor. 
I found that if I lay on my side it took some of the strain from the collar but my arms would get sore after a few minutes which is shy I kept rolling back and forth, which was nice and easy to do even while hogtied with a collar tied to my arms, but clearly you thought I had too much room to wriggle as you soon decided to bind my big toes together, I cannot begin to describe the feeling I get when you add to my bondage when I am already helpless and clearly going nowhere. I was genuinely a little panicked when you then ran the rope back from my toes to tie it off to the elbow rope as well.
It was rather more difficult to wriggle from my front to side once my toes were tied to my elbows.
I was shocked how powerful your new wand vibrator was, especially considering it was low on charge,even the brief moments it was against my cock and balls I felt it bring me close to the edge, the threat of having it tied in place to tease me is an ominous thought!
I could hear you moving around me but had no idea what you were doing, when I felt the strong vibrations of your new wand my already aroused state became far more intense! the wand is so strong I felt myself being brought to the edge almost instantly I was so grateful that the battery needed charged as your threat of tying it in place and leaving me to suffer could have got me into serious trouble !!
The next thing I remember was lying on my side trying to calm down from the wands teasing when all of a sudden you started spraying me with what felt like ice cold water, starting with my cock and balls but as I struggled and squirmed fighting the ropes trying to escape the torture of the water I remember hearing your soft calm voice tell me you thought I needed help cooling off as I looked warm. I managed to struggle onto my front still hogtied tight and somehow not on the run any longer. I tried to roll onto my side to take the weight off my cock but all I could do was slide on the wet floor.
Somehow during my prolonged struggles I managed to move the vet wrap off one eye and was shocked to see I had managed to turn 180 degrees on the floor and instead of my head at the hall door my feet or rather knees were there now, this really screwed with my head as I only felt as if I was going from my front to side as I struggled but had actually been turning around
I remember mumbling for you to release me through the gag and you telling me I had only been hogtied for about 50 minutes and that you thought I could make it to the hour as I was clearly enjoying myself still. Something that I always feel is very powerful is the way you untie me, so slowly taking your time to tidy the ropes as you go leaving my hands to last to release.
It has to be said the hogtie with collar tied and toes tied is the tightest and most amazing bondage experience so far, I looked back to the very first email I sent you before I wrote this, and I asked to be tied up tight and made to struggle something that you always deliver in spades !!!!
I thought I was lucky to avoid any cock and ball torture or nipple clamps as I lay hogtied so when you moved me to the massage table and tied my arms I knew my luck was about to run out , especially with the new metal pins you showed me earlier.
When you put the new metal pins on my balls they felt much more nippy than the plastic ones you usually use, I was so relieved that you took them off after I begged like a big baby and replaced them with the rope as you tied my balls up very snug.which was far less severe that the metal pegs.
I had really hoped that as you know how much I despise nipple clamps you would spare me the torture this time but of course they were next to come. I have said it almost every visit but I truly mean it I would agree to almost anything to keep those horrid devices tucked away in your cupboard. and I think the fact that I begged you to swap them for the metal pegs on my balls shows how much I hate them!
I think I was wise to ask to try out your new hood with built in gag and blindfold when you put the pegs back on my balls as I didn’t want to disturb your neighbours. The hood was a new and very interesting experience, I wasn’t prepared for how tight it would be , or how much I would have to concentrate on my breathing while it as in place, if I struggled too much or squirmed it was hard to breath, the gag filled my mouth just enough and when laced and strapped on there was no way to escapee the hood.If I am honest I had expected you to swap the nipple clamps for the 4 metal pegs from before so you can imagine my horror when I felt and counted 12 metal pegs on my now bound balls, which is something else I hadn’t thought while begging you to swap nipple clamps for ball pegs, the fact you had bound my balls since taking the pegs off and made my balls extra sensitive for the 12 pegs.
for some reason I felt the tense machines more sever this visit than before, I am not sure if this is doe to the severe hogtie earlier or the positioning  of the pads but they were very intense, added to the tied balls and pegs , I am sure at one point you threatened to put the tens pads on my cock. I was very glad of the hood and gag as you removed all those metal pegs I remember counting them coming off in my head.
Thank you for another very memorable visit, you never cease to amaze me with your creativity.
I hope to visit again soon
13th June 2018

“Now,” inquired Miss Kay “what am I going to do with you today?”

After enjoying the restrictive pleasures of a straitjacket on two previous visits, I was keen to experience clingfilm mummification, while at the same time being gagged and handcuffed. This was discussed and we both agreed that she was to take photographs, as she saw fit, of me in my predicament.

Miss Kay ordered me to strip naked. She began by winding vet tape around my head but leaving my mouth free. After checking that I was unable to see, she then
ball-gagged me and I was handcuffed so my hands were trapped in front of my chest.

Next, Miss Kay stood still and held the roll of cling film as I moved round and round until I was securely confined from my neck down to my thighs.

All Wrapped up!

Awaiting punishment!

“You’re Miss Kay’s piece of meat  – all wrapped up!” she exclaimed  (The sense of satisfaction  in her voice as she said those words was quite noticeable.)
“You’re utterly helpless. Just the way I like it,” she continued. “Stand there and relax. And don’t go away.”
So relax was what I did. I was completely at her mercy. There was nothing much I could do  –  nothing, that is, except await my fate …
Her footsteps moved away. When she returned, I sensed her making cuts in the cling film, then felt the coldness of ice cubes being placed against my skin. (To cool me down, she explained. It was a warm day: the wrapping I was encased in would only increase that feeling. Even so, the melting ice cubes really added to my enjoyment.)
“Mmm. A nipple, I think,” said Miss Kay. She cut through the cling film again, located my left nipple, and attached to it what I guessed was a peg. I then felt movement around my neck – as if something was being tied or fastened there. Her voice informed me: “If you move your neck at all, it will pull on your nipple.” Despite her warning, I moved my neck. She had not been joking: the sharpness of the pain was immediate.
As I realised my folly in ignoring her, I also realised that she was inserting something else into the wrapping around my cock. I had no idea what this was  –  and there was no clue from her. I opted for safety. One of those ideas of hers alone limited unnecessary movement to the absolute minimum. But two of them combined …
What a devilishly delightful imagination this lady has.
(For good measure,  Miss Kay then gave me a good thrashing all over my body.)
But, as I was to discover, there was more to come.
Ordered to walk, I was guided towards the other room for the second part of the session. Here, made to lie down on the table, she indulged me with a number of treats.

Miss Kay played with me using her magic wand. She glove smothered me too, one hand pinching my nose while the other pressed firmly down across my gagged mouth. Sometimes, it was the wand on its own. Others, I was simply being smothered.

But that’s not all. There were times when the wand was placed at my cock and balls and I was also being smothered. Absolutely exquisite.
And as if that wasn’t enough, Miss Kay would toy with the peg that remained attached to my nipple  …
Is it any wonder that her attentions left me, quite literally, breathless?  Using my tongue, I was able to push the ball in the gag forward. This also allowed me to gasp out (brief) replies if she spoke.
And it’s here that I have to regretfully admit that Miss Kay started to lose patience with me. Why? I was lifting my legs up too much, she told me. (More than once, actually.) So she said: “If you don’t stop, I’ll tie you down.” There was a pause. “Do you want me to tie you down?” (Oh, I so wanted that.) Which she duly carried out, fastening my ankles with what I guessed to be scarves.
Naturally, it would only be polite for me to express my thanks for such an unforgettable time at her capable hands. However, while tied to the table I’d answered one of her questions only with word “yes”. “Say yes  … Mistress ,” she had ordered. So with that in mind, I simply wish to say a heartfelt “Thank you … Mistress.”