17th April 2018

Hamilton bound!

There are very few things that can be seen as advantages when it comes to being in your mid-life years.

Fortunately, one of them is that it means you are eligible for consideration by Miss Kay to be part of her world.
For me, it very nearly got off to the worst possible start. While discussing my recent first visit, she had requested a confirmation text from me at a specific time on the relevant morning.  Perfectly fair. However, life events took over, and I was late in doing so. Happily, I was able to make the visit, and felt the least I could do was explain what had happened. I’m glad to say that the lady actually listened to me – rather than assuming it had been a sign of disrespect on my part. She also informed me that I had been just minutes away from losing my slot to someone who wanted a same day appointment. Timing, as they say, is everything. His loss was certainly my gain …
We then moved on to discussing my interests and what I was hoping for from the session. This included the opportunity for me to wear female clothing in the presence of a dominant woman: Miss Kay selected what she felt was suitable.
Our activities began with me taking my place over her knee where I was very efficiently and soundly spanked. I will admit I was not counting. But I do know that each one must have built up from the one previously creating a welcome sensation. Miss Kay invited me to see the results of her handiwork in a full-length mirror, adding that the look created rarely appeared that quickly. Would I like a photograph taken, she enquired. I was not to ask twice, believe me.
(At this stage I should add that our fun was combined with conversation too, where we found out a bit more about each other. Personally, I do find that very appealing.)
Next, I was instructed to lie on a mat. Here, I was securely hog-tied. Escape was impossible. Fine by me – I had no wish to do so. However,  after a period of time Miss Kay was to observe that the tightness of my bonds meant my circulation was being affected.  The binding were removed. Clearly, she was looking out for me.
Later, I was again made completely helpless when Miss Kay tied me down by my wrists and ankles .At her suggestion, she used silk scarves. She then donned a pair of lovely leather gloves and hand smothered me. Silk scarves and leather gloves – what an erotic charge. Absolutely exquisite and a superb way to round things off.
For those of us who truly appreciate the allure of a dominant female in her prime,
Miss Kay’s appearance does not disappoint. In addition, I found her to be warm, helpful, very easy to talk to and a good listener. At no stage did she raise her voice.
(She didn’t need to,) The lady has an air of quiet authority about her: she knows she is in charge. So for anyone who loves the idea of handing over control to a female  – well, need I say more?
Any comments she made about potentially adding to our enjoyment were delivered in a no-pressure way.  Likewise, any limits I had expressed were observed at all tjmes.
By now, you may well have realised that I had a wonderful time.  (Which I did.) So something to bear in mind. Miss Kay told me that, when receiving a request about a potential first visit, she sets great store on the caller’s attitude towards her. I’d suggest making sure you get your telephone manner right and show her the respect she genuinely deserves. Believe me, you do not want to miss out on meeting Miss Kay.        Tom
3rd April 2018

Warm Welcome and Even Warmer Goodbye

It has been many years since I experienced a CP session and I am pleased that I chose this lady as a
step back in time.
Easy to find location especially if the directions are followed and a discreet environment which put
me at ease quickly.
A brief run through of my experiences and desires was followed by the first sessions I had requested.
Recollections of the school belt came back quickly and painfully as six strokes of a heavy tawse were
applied equally to my palms. A short sharp shock indeed. This was followed some minutes later by a
further six with an alternative strap.
Having never experienced an over the knee spanking I was keen to find out what impact this had on
me. Miss Kay explained that she would start with a thorough warm up before developing the session
into a more painful and memorable experience. Quite honestly I was too focussed on the throbbing
of my hands to concern myself about the bottom thrashing I was about to receive.
And indeed, it was a thrashing, a sound hand spanking with leather gloves and her bare hand was
followed up with at least two different rulers. Over twenty minutes of being held in position while
my bottom was beaten to a glowing red mess was magnificent, I was shaking at the end of this
I was feeling rather uncomfortable and this grew as the spanking bench was uncovered. I must admit
to some fear and trepidation at the site and wondered whether my bottom would be able to take
whatever was being planned. I was soon to find out, having bent over the bench and instructed to
hold on and not move, my bottom erupted in pain as a flat paddle drilled with several holes was
applied first to my right cheek six times then again to my left cheek. I was both thrilled and
thoroughly punished. Several seconds later another implement, three tailed short tawse struck my
tender bottom in the same places.
Miss Kay was conscious of my need for discretion and stopped at this stage allowing us both to
examine the damage and decide on the next steps.
I could see a red and bruised mess in her mirror and decided that the next phase of the session
should be more focussed on other pleasures. Through to the massage table and all manner of
pleasures awaited me.
I was first blindfolded and gently tied in position. Clamps were applied to my nipples and my balls
securely tied. This was a new experience for me as was the pin wheel and ice which teased and
tortured every part of my body for what seemed a very long time. There was also tiger balm applied
to some very sensitive areas which enhanced the sensation.
Having thought this session was over as the clamps were removed I was delighted to discover the
joys of nipple suction for the first time, it won’t be the last. To further enhance the sensation Miss
Kay inserted a prostate massager which had me shaking for top to toe, a breath-taking experience.
All to soon the pleasure was interrupted and I was ordered back to the punishment room where I
presented the prescribed 200 lines. These were not to Miss Kay’s satisfaction and therefore my
hands were offered for a further dose of the strap. I tried the densest available but could only take
one stroke, it immediately bruised my palm and sadly had to be replaced with a milder

chastisement. Six strokes with a genuine Lochgelly followed by six with a more supple but painful
strap followed. My bottom was examined again, it was decided that I had to experience the cane,
even if it was the thinnest on offer. We agreed six strokes which were applied lightly. The sting on
my already tender bottom was excruciating. No more could be done, sadly my lack of experience
and long stretch between session prevented further punishment.
We concluded our session with a debrief and a nice chat about the scene in general.
I left thoroughly chastised with a very red, bruised and sore bottom. My hands were still aching
three days later, and the bruising and signs of the spanking took almost a week to fade.
This lady is relaxed, experienced, gentle and persuasive. This was a wonderful session and I only wish
there were more opportunities to experience the pain and pleasure of a visit to Hamilton.

23rd March 2018

I could not have been in better hands and feeling safe enjoying every second.

After an absence of 10 yrs or so from a Mistresses lair, a next day appointment was made with Mistress
Kay. The location was easily found with plenty of parking space not far from Junction 6 M74.
Greeting me at the door with a warm welcome was an smartly dressed and softly spoken Mistress Kay.
Quickly feeling at ease Mistress Kay asked of my previous experience and what was sought from this 2hr visit. Not being into role play, a punishment session was the preferred choice.
Mistress Kay did explain that after such an absence from the scene that I would be ‘soft’ and so took great care in what was being done. That did not mean that the therapy was going to be easy. Mistress Kay listened carefully to what was being said using the information to create the scene being sought. Indeed warming things up with a very firm spanking until cheeks were well rosy, then progress was made through the various implements, tawse, canes and floggers. CBT was next with Tiger balm an ice, using a stiff brush on the penis tip, then the pin wheel, followed by the martinet. Nipple play was also on the menu.
For the last part of the session Mistress Kay used the Tiger canes and scorpion lash to great effect to leave plenty of marks and bruises which I very much wanted to take home.
Mistress Kay was efficient and a consummate professional in the use of the impedimenta of her craft, yet caring for your welfare, pushing bounds, not exceeding them. I could not have been in better hands and feeling safe enjoying every second.
For the warm down period, Mistress Kay made a welcome cup of coffee whilst games for future sessions were discussed. This part struck me as incongruous to a normal conversation. Being discussed was how to make things more difficult and painful for next time. Nice.
When seated the after glow of the canes can be felt, but alas all to quickly the painfully earned marks are fading fast. Soon there will be just a very happy memory of this brilliant and exhilarating time.

22nd March 2018

Don’t even get me started on the elbow bondage!

Firstly, I can’t believe you left me hogtied for over an hour! not just hogtied but very tightly hogtied!
it was a shame your new corset didn’t arrive before my visit I am sure you would look amazing wearing it. I really enjoyed the nurses uniform and stockings you wore one visit,
I liked that you used the metal handcuffs to render me helpless quickly before you started experimenting with your cable ties.
The cable ties were an interesting sensation as they went on they nipped a little as they were tightened and it felt ass if every time you added another, it made space for yet more, I think its safe to say its the longest my cock has been kept from being rock hard in your company and a very constant reminder that I should not have giggled on my last visit when my cock was too thick to fit in any of your chastity device
Having to get down onto my stomach on the floor with my hands cuffed behind me was interesting I had to really think about how to manage without hurting myself, and trying to position my  cock so as not to crust the cable ties too much.
I can’t explain how much I enjoy the sensation of you binding me with rope, especially the hogtie, as my ankles were bound side by side I could feel my cock try to grow under me despite the tight cable ties, it was very kind of you to remove the handcuffs when I complained about them, they really dug into my wrist bone when you tried to hogtie me and I am grateful you removed them. When you replaced them with the rope coming from my ankles I felt as if I was tied as tightly as last visit which was lovely. When you came back with another rope and bound my elbows you pulled them so tight, much tighter than last time and I began to think I may be in a spot of bother.you then added more rope to my wrists pulling them tighter than I have ever felt them tied before.
It was such a mixed emotion I knew instantly I couldn’t get them free myself, in fact there was no slack at all in my wrists
rolling around testing the bonds I was less than happy to see your new clothespins for the first time and even less happy when you attached it to the very tip of my foreskin.
I honestly didn’t mean to loosen the hogtie rope but the way you retied it was out of this world. when you placed your very cute foot on my hands and ass to help you tighten the hogtie it was a hugely erotic moment for me, the combination of the tightening bondage, your foot on my tied hands and crushing my cable tied and clothes pinned cock below me was sublime.
I also really enjoyed you walking around taking the pictures of me, especially your sexy painted toes cm’s from my face I must confess I did consider trying to, or asking to kiss your feet but thought better of it.
I also really enjoyed just being left tied up as you taunted me, even the little comment of don’t go anywhere when you left the room.
I remember lying on my side when you were out of the room looking down at my tightly tied cock with the peg on the end watching a drip of cum slowly ooze out of the end and feeling so totally helpless and out of control, and genuinely worrying about what you would do / say if you saw me drip on your rug struggling away trying to get it to drip away before you got back and noticed.
I love it when you add to my bondage while I am already helpless, the rope around my balls was amazing, especially watching you tie it.
I also loved the fact you chatted away about twitter and the other site I cant remember the name off, while I lay hogtied at your feet was a little embarrassing, . when you were talking about me coming back on a Friday and being tied up for the weekend in my own little room I must confess to getting aroused.
It also just came back to me the silence , as you sat browsing your phone after instructing me to roll the other way to make sure I was not trying to untie myself and nothing being said, just the sound of my breathing as I tried to get comfy , well I shall rephrase that, tried to minimise the discomfort and being chastised for struggling
when you started joining cable ties I was a little taken back, and the commentary you gave as you sat slowly joining them telling me how many were in the chain , I had hoped you wouldn’t think of that as I lay there listening to you join them up I couldn’t think where you were going to use it, my toes? fingers? but no you added it to my balls puling them even tighter.
When you said you thought you could get a butt plug in while I lay helpless on the floor I must admit even though I protested I was a little excited by the prospect I am sorry  I couldn’t manage to take it, hopefully something we can work on in the future.
being questioned about my self bondage adventures and techniques was a little humiliating, I did consider refusing to answer but again the consequences made it an easy decision. I am glad I had my back to you as I confessed to how I tied and got free from my self bondage. I can’t believe I have for the first time told someone most of my darkest secrets, although I cant think of anyone better to share them with although there are a few secrets still to be shared
When my leg went into a cramp I thought you would at the least release me from the hogtie I was really shocked when you massaged the cramp away and then left me tied up there on the floor a little longer
I am so glad I didn’t ask to get out earlier although I did think about it a few times as I became more uncomfortable especially as I had to keep moving from side to side to relieve the pressure in my shoulders
I cant begin to explain how much I loved the time spent hogtied on your floor again ……i wonder if it can get any tighter Emoji
Strangely I enjoyed the foot caning in a strange way I wonder if it will keep me off the DM’s !
When I was lashed to the massage table and asked you to add a rope to my knees I expected you to tie them to the sides of the bed so was shocked when you tied them together, it was very tight and made trying to squirm away from your hands and those nasty clothespins very difficult. I didn’t think of it when I scratched my nose, it was itchy and I could reach so I just did it, your reaction however was sublime, and my god did you tie my elbows tight it was very uncomfortable very quickly,
I also very much enjoyed having to explain why I thought I deserved a reward
Thank you again and I look forward to our next adventure
13th February 2018

My first encounter with Miss Kay was really enjoyable

Miss Kay accepted a same-day booking even though it was my first visit. Directions were clear and parking straightforward. The flat is clean and Miss Kay was smartly dressed, friendly and welcoming. We discussed my limited previous experience briefly and agreed on a pain/relaxation type session. Miss Kay has a great selection of implements particularly tawses and is very knowledgeable about them and about the scene in general.  My limits were tested but not exceeded and I found communication easy with Miss K.  My first encounter with Miss Kay was really enjoyable and I feel confident about returning perhaps for a role play type session with agreed scenarios and implements.  5 stars.

2nd February 2018

The wonderful thing about Miss Kay is that she caters for all, even big softies like me!

Today was my fifth visit to see Miss Kay and as always she didn’t disappoint. As soon as one visit finishes I instantly start planning for and looking forward to the next one.
First off I must confess I’m not really into pain, what can I say I’m soft and sensitive. I’m a massive sissy and I can only really handle a light hand spanking and a few strokes of the belt. I love the idea of being given a good hiding but the reality is too much for me. The wonderful thing about Miss Kay is that she caters for all, even big softies like me!
What I love is to dress up in satin and lace and leave all my manly b******t to one side for a while. Today I got to wear my beautiful new dress. Miss helped me put it on then gave me a spanking because I had been naughty again. It stung but as always Miss knew just when I’d had enough. After some time in the corner Miss had a special treat for me and let me try on a pair of big girls shoes. They were beautiful but I think I’ll need to practice a lot to walk in them.
Afterwards we sat and had a very pleasant conversation. You’ve no idea how wonderful it feels to sit in my dress and wig just chatting naturally. Miss makes you feel so at ease that I soon forgot that I was dressed up and could have happily spent the rest of the day there.
I can’t recommend Miss Kay any more highly, she really is a lovely lady who knows exactly what she’s doing. If you visit you won’t be disappointed. Tell her Jessie sent you.

29th January 2018

Something different!

As I lie face down on the rug in Miss Kay’s lounge my hands tightly bound behind my back with rope, my ankles tied crossed together and then pulled up almost touching my ass and tied to my wrist and elbows also lashed together expertly, panting for breath from the exertions of trying in vain to escape Miss Kay’s very , very tight ropes as I look across at her discarded patent red heels inches from my face and then up to her smiling down on me from the sofa her bare feet dangling provocatively, the last words Miss Kay said as she bound me ringing true in my ears ” I’ve told you before Matt, be careful what you wish for “. Of course , as always Miss Kay is correct I may have bitten off more than I could chew thinking I could get myself free from her hogtie.
I visit Miss Kay to be made helpless, I don’t much care for spankings and caning my real thrill comes from being helpless and the tighter the better and Miss Kay has never failed to deliver
When we were discussing what I wanted from today’s session I explained , maybe even challenged Miss Kay to  make the bondage tighter, more extreme than we have tried before. Miss Kay suggested a hogtie, and it was a dream come true, I think a hogtie is the holy grail for any true bondage enthusiast.
Miss Kay started with binding my wrists in minutes they were very tightly lashed together, next came my ankles which were very soon tied very close to my wrists, before finishing off by tying my elbows together. Miss Kay sat back to relax and watch me squirm. I found a knot straight away and started to pull at it , I thought I would be free in no time until the devilish Miss Kay pounced retied the knot and then took the ends out of reach behind my feet somewhere and tied them off. I struggled and squirmed and pulled as hard as I could on all the ropes, I rolled to my right side then to my left to see if it would allow any slackness in the ropes , then back onto my stomach crushing my growing erection in the process, all the while Miss Kay watched and smiled wickedly, at one point commenting  on what a pretty package I was all hogtied and helpless which I thought was an amazing thing to hear.
At one point Miss Kay took the loose end of the rope joining my hands and feet and pulled it high in the air making my back arch and pulling my chest and knees from the floor in the process ” I need a frame to tie this to ” she announced , thankfully for me Miss Kay didn’t decide to tie it to the top of the door frame and hold me in this position.
I will spare everyone the details of the rest of my session but as I know that Miss Kay is better known for her expertise in corporal punishment but I can testify she is just as capable of dishing out an extremely tight binding as she is a sound thrashing.
18th January 2018

A thoroughly wonderful satisfying experience.

Having trudged through the snow yesterday to be punished by Miss Kay. I was greeted with a warm welcome and no rush.
Miss Kay soon turns into her discipline mode and I received 6 off the best with the lochgelly tawse on my hands which warmed me up nicely. Miss Kay then gave me a good hard thrashing  over her knee for insolence. Miss Kay then massaged my warm painful bottom afterwards  which was very soothing. Was belted again just before I left.
A thoroughly wonderful satisfying experience. Miss Kay puts you at ease and is very professional and very knowledgeable about all of her equipment.
A hot sore thrashed bottom and well tawse’d hands kept me warm all the way home.
I will certainly be back for more from this wonderful lady again!
4th January 2018

Seven Extra Strokes for Seven Minutes late!

Seven Extra Strokes for Seven Minutes

I went for my second session with Miss Kay yesterday, with excitement and some trepidation. After my first experience I knew she would deal with my spanking need very thoroughly, but with care, and it was just my normal nervousness before getting my bottom smacked.  Her friendly greeting and offer of a drink soon calmed my nerves, and the hard spanking that followed was fantastic. I was well into the experience when it was time for implements. Then, as a true disciplinarian, she announced that I was going to get seven additional strokes with each implement, because I had called to confirm seven minutes late. My heart was in my mouth, as I was not sure if I could take so many strokes, but I loved the way this established her complete disciplinary control, and duly submitted – and was eventually proud to take all the well deserved extra punishment. My bottom is still red and tingling today, but will soon recover, as Miss Kay is a true expert and knows how much a bottom can take. It’s wonderful to encounter a lady disciplinarian who gives a real punishment but with whom one can feel safe and in good hands. I will be back to get that spanking itch scratched again, but perhaps I won’t be late calling next time.

15th December 2017

What a great day I asked for a good leathering and that is what I got!

It was a cold December morning when I headed off south to where I knew I would find a warmer place at the lair of that lovely disciplinarian, Miss K. As usual we had a chat about things and then it was down to business. To get things going Miss K decided to have me over her knee for a good old fashioned bare bottomed spanking with her hand and slipper. If my bum was a bit cold when she started it was certainly rosy and warm when she finished. Next the spanking bench was pulled out and I assumed the position over it. Miss K then went over to her strap and tawse board and to my concern stated that she would work her way through it. For those of you who do not know the strap and tawse board, have a look at it. I holds eight straps and tawses one of which is a Philps and another being a very thick Rosla. I lost count of the number of strokes administered but when she had finished I knew I my backside was well leathered. Next I would hear the swish and thwack of the cane. The only problem is that when you hear the thwack you feel a searing sting across your exposed rear end. Miss K was showing no mercy as one or two of her strokes caused a sharp intake of breath when they landed on a tender spot. The final cane used was a dragon cane and it certainly felt like it. The punishment continued with a couple of paddles doing a bit of whacking. For the finale Miss K kindly offered me the choice of implement to be used. I chose the prison strap thinking that my bum was now numb enough not to feel anything, wrong!. Miss K decided that I should be leathered with the prison strap with some enthusiasm. I travelled home a lot warmer that when I started.