13th February 2018

My first encounter with Miss Kay was really enjoyable

Miss Kay accepted a same-day booking even though it was my first visit. Directions were clear and parking straightforward. The flat is clean and Miss Kay was smartly dressed, friendly and welcoming. We discussed my limited previous experience briefly and agreed on a pain/relaxation type session. Miss Kay has a great selection of implements particularly tawses and is very knowledgeable about them and about the scene in general.  My limits were tested but not exceeded and I found communication easy with Miss K.  My first encounter with Miss Kay was really enjoyable and I feel confident about returning perhaps for a role play type session with agreed scenarios and implements.  5 stars.

2nd February 2018

The wonderful thing about Miss Kay is that she caters for all, even big softies like me!

Today was my fifth visit to see Miss Kay and as always she didn’t disappoint. As soon as one visit finishes I instantly start planning for and looking forward to the next one.
First off I must confess I’m not really into pain, what can I say I’m soft and sensitive. I’m a massive sissy and I can only really handle a light hand spanking and a few strokes of the belt. I love the idea of being given a good hiding but the reality is too much for me. The wonderful thing about Miss Kay is that she caters for all, even big softies like me!
What I love is to dress up in satin and lace and leave all my manly b******t to one side for a while. Today I got to wear my beautiful new dress. Miss helped me put it on then gave me a spanking because I had been naughty again. It stung but as always Miss knew just when I’d had enough. After some time in the corner Miss had a special treat for me and let me try on a pair of big girls shoes. They were beautiful but I think I’ll need to practice a lot to walk in them.
Afterwards we sat and had a very pleasant conversation. You’ve no idea how wonderful it feels to sit in my dress and wig just chatting naturally. Miss makes you feel so at ease that I soon forgot that I was dressed up and could have happily spent the rest of the day there.
I can’t recommend Miss Kay any more highly, she really is a lovely lady who knows exactly what she’s doing. If you visit you won’t be disappointed. Tell her Jessie sent you.

29th January 2018

Something different!

As I lie face down on the rug in Miss Kay’s lounge my hands tightly bound behind my back with rope, my ankles tied crossed together and then pulled up almost touching my ass and tied to my wrist and elbows also lashed together expertly, panting for breath from the exertions of trying in vain to escape Miss Kay’s very , very tight ropes as I look across at her discarded patent red heels inches from my face and then up to her smiling down on me from the sofa her bare feet dangling provocatively, the last words Miss Kay said as she bound me ringing true in my ears ” I’ve told you before Matt, be careful what you wish for “. Of course , as always Miss Kay is correct I may have bitten off more than I could chew thinking I could get myself free from her hogtie.
I visit Miss Kay to be made helpless, I don’t much care for spankings and caning my real thrill comes from being helpless and the tighter the better and Miss Kay has never failed to deliver
When we were discussing what I wanted from today’s session I explained , maybe even challenged Miss Kay to  make the bondage tighter, more extreme than we have tried before. Miss Kay suggested a hogtie, and it was a dream come true, I think a hogtie is the holy grail for any true bondage enthusiast.
Miss Kay started with binding my wrists in minutes they were very tightly lashed together, next came my ankles which were very soon tied very close to my wrists, before finishing off by tying my elbows together. Miss Kay sat back to relax and watch me squirm. I found a knot straight away and started to pull at it , I thought I would be free in no time until the devilish Miss Kay pounced retied the knot and then took the ends out of reach behind my feet somewhere and tied them off. I struggled and squirmed and pulled as hard as I could on all the ropes, I rolled to my right side then to my left to see if it would allow any slackness in the ropes , then back onto my stomach crushing my growing erection in the process, all the while Miss Kay watched and smiled wickedly, at one point commenting  on what a pretty package I was all hogtied and helpless which I thought was an amazing thing to hear.
At one point Miss Kay took the loose end of the rope joining my hands and feet and pulled it high in the air making my back arch and pulling my chest and knees from the floor in the process ” I need a frame to tie this to ” she announced , thankfully for me Miss Kay didn’t decide to tie it to the top of the door frame and hold me in this position.
I will spare everyone the details of the rest of my session but as I know that Miss Kay is better known for her expertise in corporal punishment but I can testify she is just as capable of dishing out an extremely tight binding as she is a sound thrashing.
18th January 2018

A thoroughly wonderful satisfying experience.

Having trudged through the snow yesterday to be punished by Miss Kay. I was greeted with a warm welcome and no rush.
Miss Kay soon turns into her discipline mode and I received 6 off the best with the lochgelly tawse on my hands which warmed me up nicely. Miss Kay then gave me a good hard thrashing  over her knee for insolence. Miss Kay then massaged my warm painful bottom afterwards  which was very soothing. Was belted again just before I left.
A thoroughly wonderful satisfying experience. Miss Kay puts you at ease and is very professional and very knowledgeable about all of her equipment.
A hot sore thrashed bottom and well tawse’d hands kept me warm all the way home.
I will certainly be back for more from this wonderful lady again!
4th January 2018

Seven Extra Strokes for Seven Minutes late!

Seven Extra Strokes for Seven Minutes

I went for my second session with Miss Kay yesterday, with excitement and some trepidation. After my first experience I knew she would deal with my spanking need very thoroughly, but with care, and it was just my normal nervousness before getting my bottom smacked.  Her friendly greeting and offer of a drink soon calmed my nerves, and the hard spanking that followed was fantastic. I was well into the experience when it was time for implements. Then, as a true disciplinarian, she announced that I was going to get seven additional strokes with each implement, because I had called to confirm seven minutes late. My heart was in my mouth, as I was not sure if I could take so many strokes, but I loved the way this established her complete disciplinary control, and duly submitted – and was eventually proud to take all the well deserved extra punishment. My bottom is still red and tingling today, but will soon recover, as Miss Kay is a true expert and knows how much a bottom can take. It’s wonderful to encounter a lady disciplinarian who gives a real punishment but with whom one can feel safe and in good hands. I will be back to get that spanking itch scratched again, but perhaps I won’t be late calling next time.

15th December 2017

What a great day I asked for a good leathering and that is what I got!

It was a cold December morning when I headed off south to where I knew I would find a warmer place at the lair of that lovely disciplinarian, Miss K. As usual we had a chat about things and then it was down to business. To get things going Miss K decided to have me over her knee for a good old fashioned bare bottomed spanking with her hand and slipper. If my bum was a bit cold when she started it was certainly rosy and warm when she finished. Next the spanking bench was pulled out and I assumed the position over it. Miss K then went over to her strap and tawse board and to my concern stated that she would work her way through it. For those of you who do not know the strap and tawse board, have a look at it. I holds eight straps and tawses one of which is a Philps and another being a very thick Rosla. I lost count of the number of strokes administered but when she had finished I knew I my backside was well leathered. Next I would hear the swish and thwack of the cane. The only problem is that when you hear the thwack you feel a searing sting across your exposed rear end. Miss K was showing no mercy as one or two of her strokes caused a sharp intake of breath when they landed on a tender spot. The final cane used was a dragon cane and it certainly felt like it. The punishment continued with a couple of paddles doing a bit of whacking. For the finale Miss K kindly offered me the choice of implement to be used. I chose the prison strap thinking that my bum was now numb enough not to feel anything, wrong!. Miss K decided that I should be leathered with the prison strap with some enthusiasm. I travelled home a lot warmer that when I started. 
29th November 2017

Different to anything I have felt before!

I recently visited Miss Kay for the fourth time, and it was every bit as amazing as the previous three.
Something which has impressed me massively each time I have visited Miss Kay is the way she manages to keep me guessing. I am a bit of a baby when it comes to corporal punishment and unlike a lot of people who visit Miss Kay I would do almost anything to avoid a spanking and Miss Kay knows just how far to push my limits . Today started out with me being ordered to strip and present myself back in the lounge, where Miss Kay gagged me with what felt like a full roll of bondage tape, she wrapped it expertly and very tightly around my mouth and head and over the top of my head and under my chin, making it a very effective gag, the last of the roll was used to secure my wrists tightly behind my back.Miss Kay then returned with the spreader bars I had donated on a previous visit and used one to secure my ankles spread and the other tied across my shoulders and with ropes holding my balls up tight. what happened next I would never have expected Miss Kay produced a candle and began to drip the hot wax on my hard cock, starting high then getting closer the pain was completely different to anything I have felt before, when the wax hit the very tip of my cock it was agony, I tried so hard not to struggle but sadly for me I did and Miss Kay ended up missing my cock and explained I would need to be punished for causing this, she estimated how many drips had missed and explained I would be whipped once for each drip. I was petrified I knew I couldn’t take that many whips I begged like mad into the gag but nothing came out Thankfully Miss Kay took mercy on me after about 6 hard strokes ( well they felt hard to me I was close to using my safe word )
I was then told to walk into the other room still tied and legs locked in the spreader where I was lashed to the massage table much  tighter than I have been bound in the past and blindfolded. Miss Kay then went about torturing and teasing my body in ways I can only describe as unbelievable, from the uncountable amount of clothespins on my balls to the nipple pumps and clamps, the sound of the lighter lighting the candle and the anticipation as I waited for the drips of the wax again pulling and struggling against the ropes as I did.
I left having spent another afternoon in the hands of a truly wonderful Domme,
I only wish I didn’t have to wait till next year for my next visit.
Thank you again Miss and sorry for the late review
25th November 2017

I looked every inch the big, sissy baby!

Today was my fourth visit to see Miss Kay and this was the best one yet. I’ve always harboured a secret fantasy to be dressed as a sissy in lots of satin and frills and today my dreams came true.
On my last visit we agreed that I was going to stop smoking, Miss Kay made it very clear that she would not tolerate it any longer. I thought I could get away with a few sneaky ones as she’d never find out – famous last words! Miss Kay caught me red handed. As punishment I received six of the best with the tawse which left me quite literally red handed!
After a period of reflection in the corner Miss Kay told me that as I can’t be trusted to behave like an adult I would be treated and dressed like the naughty little sissy I was behaving like.
I was taken through to the bedroom and told to undress, no easy task when your hands are still stinging from the belt!
Miss Kay then produced a pair of big, pink satin panties, complete with elasticated legs, pink ribbons and layers of lacy ruffles on the bottom. To go with the panties she also gave me a matching satin vest. Next was a double layered pink petticoat and to finish off my transformation a beautiful satin baby doll dress with lots of lace, bows and frills.
Once dressed I looked every inch the big, sissy baby but if I thought my punishment was over I was very much mistaken.
Miss Kay sat down and told me to bend over her knee. I’ve always wanted a traditional OTK spanking from a strong, beautiful woman so this was a dream come true. Miss Kay gave me a long spanking over my pretty frilly knickers. I think she might have noticed that I was enjoying it because she then brought out her slipper-Ouch!! By the end my bottom was on fire but Miss Kay always knows how much punishment you can take and gives you just as much as you can handle.
Still angry about my smoking I was given a further six with the belt and a warning what to expect next time if I didn’t give up my filthy habit.
Miss Kay has brought a long held fantasy of mine to life in thrilling fashion. I’ve loved every one of my visits to her and look forward to visiting again as soon as I can. She has made this big sissy very happy and I cannot recommend her any more highly.
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8th November 2017

A CP Virgin no longer.

I am a sexually submissive guy in his late 50’s with a long held desire to try all things Femdom.  Having taken the decision to find someone who could give me what I needed, I began to search online and came across Miss Kay’s website. Anything that could come under the heading of Femdom was exciting to me, but I knew that the reality could be totally different to the fantasies in my head. I wanted to find someone who would introduce to me to this world and let me try things out, find out what I really liked and more importantly, what I didn’t like. Reading through her website and the many posted reviews, Miss Kay seemed to be the perfect choice, offering taster sessions for the uninitiated.

A couple of emails and a phone call later, we made an appointment for a two hour session. Miss Kay had asked me to give her four bullet points of things I wanted to try and she would take it from there.

When I arrived I was greeted at the door by this lovely lady, she was warm, friendly and softly spoken, and she made feel at ease immediately. After a much needed cold drink, we sat down she began to talk to me about my needs & desires. Miss Kay was so easy to talk to, knowledgeable, understanding and non judgemental; I was totally comfortable talking to this lovely lady.

Having explained the traffic light system to me, and making it clear that from this point onwards she was in charge, she presented me with a pair of pretty floral, silky panties and instructed me to go into the next room, strip off and put the panties on. I was then to come back into the room and present myself to her.

When I entered the room, Miss Kay was sitting on her sofa, waiting patiently. She commented on how the panties looked good on me and told me to turn around so she could check out how they looked on my bottom.  Having satisfied herself that all was in order, she patted her lap and told me to get over her knee. This was a first for me, having never had an over the knee spanking in my life!

The music began followed by the first gentle slaps in time with the beat. The intensity slowly increased and alternated with something sharper and stingier.  Occasionally the spanking was replaced by finger nails being delicately drawn over my bottom, this was particularly delicious and made me squirm more than the spanking, and it also had the added benefit of making me rub my silk encased cock against Miss Kay’s stocking clad thighs. As the music ended I was told to kneel at her feet and could feel the heat in my bottom percolating through to my crotch.

Then began a foot worship session with Miss Kay instructing me in the proper technique. Removing each shoe in turn and feeling her lovely stockings brushing my cheeks as I kissed and massaged her delicate feet. I love the feel of stockings on a ladies leg so it was the perfect little break that allowed the heat in my bottom to subside. Miss Kay then informed me that the little spanking I had just received was only the warm up, and that now it was time for the real thing!

So the spanking bench was revealed, and I was told to get in position and my hands secured. I couldn’t tell you how long the spanking went on for as I lost all track of time, it was probably not as long as I thought. Miss Kay began with a paddle, switched to a couple of canes, a flogger and probably something else that I can’t remember. All I know is that it was intense, and at times very painful. I think I preferred the paddle and flogger to the cane, those things REALLY sting.

I had wanted to experience CP at the hands of an expert, and Miss Kay is definitely that! I didn’t know if it was something that I would “enjoy”, if that is the right word, but I had to know one way or the other. I still can’t decide if I want to do it again or not, at times I was ready to shout out “Amber”, but Miss Kay seemed to instinctively sense this and backed off just in time. I certainly enjoyed the submission and surrender of control. The after effects are very stimulating, a constant tingling and heat that stays with you for some considerable time, and a reminder each time you sit down. I find myself looking in the mirror two days later, still showing the marks and asking myself “would I do it again?” I still don’t have the answer, but I am glad I had this experience. I think a crop or paddle will probably come into contact with bare bottom again at some point in the future.

However, I had booked two hours with this lovely lady and we are only half way through! So we move into the other room and I am told to lie on the bench and my arms are secured once again. Next came the blindfold, followed by the ear defenders. The panties are finally removed and my cock and balls get tied up. What then follows is hard to describe.  I had the most intensely pleasurable sensations from soft lubricated hands, vibrators and suction devices to painful stings, electro stimulation, clamps on the nipples and scrotum and other things that I can’t remember.  The wartenburger wheel was exquisite when gently rolled over a very sensitive cock .Those nipple clamps really hurt when they are applied but you soon forget they are there, until they are removed! Same goes for the clamps on my balls, when they came off I nearly came off the table as well. My cock was cooled with ice to the point where I lost feeling, but then quickly warmed back up again by skilful hands. The prostate massage tool was a new sensation and I was able to relax enough for it to find its way, definitely something that I will come back to and explore in greater detail

At no point did I want to call out any colours, but I was close a couple of times. I love to be edged to the point of orgasm but not given the much wanted release and Miss Kay certainly knows how to do that! Having two of your senses blocked out makes you acutely aware of other sensations and the slightest touch becomes magnified.

I had wanted to experience CBT along with tease and denial, exquisite pleasure alternated with tolerable pain, sensations ranging from one extreme to the other, and boy did I get that! I loved it, all of it, even when the clamps came of my balls and I thought Miss Kay had set fire to them ☺

I have heard of sub-space and I don’t know if that is where I went or not, but surrendering completely and putting total trust in the hands of someone with the skill of Miss Kay is the most intense feeling I can remember having. Two days later I am still buzzing from it and I think it will live long in my memory.

There are other things that i want to try and I think Miss Kay is the lady who can take me there, she will teach me, train me, and test me. As Arnie would say “I’ll be back” ☺

24th October 2017

A whole bunch of sensations like I hadn’t experienced before!

Some backstory – I’m in a 40 year relationship and while we did experiment in our youth, I decided to try some new things before I was too old.
I visited Miss Kay a month or so ago for a Tantric massage.
This was very enjoyable and when chatting afterwards, Miss Kay showed me some of the other options that were available.
So I booked 90 minutes to try some out.
I had also noticed the pictures of the faux Christian Louboutins shows on her Adultwork entry and thought they looked amazingly sexy.
I arrived and we chatted about the session.
I went through to the other room and was handed a pair of purple silk knickers to put on after I was undressed.
Wearing the knickers I went back through and Miss Kay was waiting for me looking amazing and wearing the shoes – black leather with studs and red soles.
Until I’d seen the pictures of these shoes I’d never though I had a shoe fetish but these are something else.
On my knees I kissed them and Miss Kays feet, licked the soles and sucked on the heel – Not really sure what I was doing but it did feel good.
Eventually I was told to take the shoes off and put them back in their box.
Next I was told to go over Miss Kays knees for a spanking.
This was the least enjoyable part of the session for me.
I have been spanked before and enjoyed it but afterwards I realised that for those times, my mindset was that I wanted to be spanked and had asked to be spanked.  This time my mindset was different so it was not enjoyable.
There is, however, no doubt that Miss Kay is an expert at spanking, there was sound, stinging and rhythm.
I was lead through to the other room and lay down on the table, I was blindfolded and had ear defenders put on, my wrists were tied to the legs of the table.
It all gets a bit hazy here and I’m not sure of everything that went on.
A warming oil was rubbed into my cock and balls and it then felt like they were tied up (cock rings?), nipple clamps were applied, something sharp was pricked over my cock and balls, a tens machine was attached and set to a low throbbing, I was very lightly whipped, ice was applied, the tens machine was turned up.
Afterwards Miss Kay said that because I was virtually silent she didn’t know what was working or not.  I’m kind of silent anyway and was trying to concentrate on all the sensations. And was gripping tightly onto the side of the table to avoid using the safe words.
Eventually the tens machine was switched off and I thought a whole new range of tortures was about to begin as it felt like small crocodile clips were being applied to my balls and the nipple clamps were tightened.
In reality this was things being removed and the blood flowing back.
After some water I was back on the table for a short tantric and lingam massage.  Warm oil was used and felt amazing.
What happened next was probably not the the best orgasm I’ve ever had in my life, but it was the best I could remember and up in the top 5.
I felt shattered and getting off the table I realised my legs were shaking, very intense indeed.
After I was cleaned and dressed we chatted some more about what had been most and least enjoyable parts of the session.
Least was the spanking but as I said, that was my mindset and not Miss Kay.
Best parts, apart from the orgasm, the tie and tease was amazing and I’ll work on my feedback. A whole bunch of sensations like I hadn’t experienced before.
We also discussed things for a further visit.
Aftermath.  My bum was tingling all the way home, my nipples were sensitive for about 24 hours and I kept getting shivers when my clothes rubbed against them.  Parts of the tie and tease keep drifting in and out of my mind and I realised I’d forgotten things that had happened.
Apart from being unsure when I’ll next be able to visit, a return visit is definitely on the cards.
Thank you Miss Kay for a wonderful time and see you soon I hope.