17th April 2015

Business trip to Scotland

I was recently on business in Scotland and having come across Miss Kay’s website I plucked up the courage as a first timer to pay a visit to Miss Kay. As you can imagine I was very nervous and after outlining my fears and after having a chat with her I decided to act out my schoolboy role while she was the stern Headmistress. We decided on a safe word but she is an expert while taking me to my limits without not having to use the safe word.

The hour passed by so quickly and I really enjoyed my first session with this delightful lady. I am from Ireland but had no difficulty understanding her scottish accent. I can not wait to go back to her once again for a repeat session and the next time I will stay for two hours. I can highly recommend this Mistress for anybody that is dipping their feet in the water for the first time. I left with a sore bum back to Ireland that evening. Thank you Miss Kay for a wonderful first time experience to be repeated.  Michael.
11th April 2015


Mistress Kay has a fertile imagination and has often surprised me with a new twist to something familiar.  Her spanking table shows how an ordinary piece of furniture can be made into a device for chastisement.  So now I just let her imagination work it magic on me. David from Scotland
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8th April 2015

Phone chats with Miss Kay

I spotted one of Miss Kay’s adverts about a year ago and boy am I glad I did! I was looking for a mature, attractive lady who understood CP in all it’s glory and knew just how to discipline a naughty boy. There was only one problem, Miss Kay was in Scotland and I was about as far south as you can go in England without being in the sea. I wondered if she would entertain the idea of chatting on the phone about discipline and she was only too happy to do so. We chat regularly for half an hour or so and she is brilliant at discussing how she administers punishments, describing her implements, talking about her own experiences and she seems to instinctively know what you like. She uses loads of the phrases that we all love to hear and I have to emphasise that she has a fantastic voice and accent which really brings the subject to life. I intend to visit her in person at some stage as I know it would be a thrilling and exciting experience, but in the meantime I fully recommend her “Phone Chats” to anyone who is either a long way away or perhaps would like to chat to the lovely Miss Kay before arranging a visit. She is very understanding, has a good sense of humour and has a lovely note of relish in her voice when she is talking about CP!

John from Southampton  

6th April 2015

If at First You Don’t Succeed…..

It’s taken me many, many years, a fair bit of traveling and a substantial amount of hard earned cash but I’ve finally found exactly what I’ve been looking for.
Like the young polar bear who couldn’t be convinced that he was a polar bear because he was always freezing…I was the sub who couldn’t be convinced that I was a sub because I couldn’t stand the pain.
I visited many Disciplinarians but ended up ruining the session by using my safe word far too early.
I wanted to stay in character and I so wanted to last the full hour but the second I uttered “mercy” the mood was gone and the session ended, ruining the whole experience for both of us.
I had heard of the ‘Traffic Light’ method but simply couldn’t find a lady who was prepared to let me use it. They seemed to think that it was an insult to their expertise and, dare I say it, professionalism.
Of course, the longer this went on, the less confidant I became and my reluctance to arrange any kind of session grew to the point of giving up.
Finally, after a ten year hiatus I decided to give it one more try.
Luckily I discovered the wonderful Miss Kay of Hamilton.
I explained that I needed her to be in control of the session whilst at the same time allowing me to be in control of the pain.
I then suggested the traffic light system and to my surprise and great delight, she immediately agreed and we arranged our first session.
To begin with I’m sure she had more than a few regrets as I was screaming ‘AMBER’ every few minutes like a demonic botanical archaeologist.
But…with the patience of a saint and the tolerance of a martyr she persevered and somehow we both got through the whole of the first session…the first time I had managed that ever.
More importantly I had actually enjoyed it and within a few weeks had arranged another.
Gradually I lasted longer and the shouts of ‘amber’ became fewer and fewer and I was staying in character longer.
The fact that she would fill the gaps by adjusting my position and dress or teasing me about being such a baby didn’t allow for any embarrassing silences but did allow the scenario to flow as well as making me much more relaxed and less self-conscious.
Yesterday, I had the best session of my life and lasted a full ninety minutes without uttering any kind of safe word once. I moaned and whinged, whimpered and pleaded and, yes, even cursed a couple of times, but, at long last managed to do so while staying in character and thoroughly enjoying the whole experience.
My backside has never looked so good/bad with the pink at the edges merging into purple on the crests. Not a mark on my lower back and not a hint of red on my upper thighs, just a very, very red and very, very sore bottom…magnificent!
The massage at the end was the icing on the cake and not only made the train journey home very pleasant but also allowed me to wander around the bedroom in my boxers,fully confident that my wife had no idea whatsoever as to what her husband had been up to a few hours earlier.
Thanks to her approachability, willingness to listen and understanding of my needs, this lady has increased my pain tolerance to the point where I can now completely immerse myself in the role and actually turn the fantasy into reality.
I feel so relaxed and comfortable in her presence now that the whole experience is not only fulfilling and cathartic but fun and enjoyable, from beginning to end…and even after that.
So, to any sub out there who may be in the position I was…please don’t give up and don’t be afraid to make your needs known.
The next lady you approach may well be the one that actually wants to cater to your needs and not the other way round.
And…to any Disciplinarians/Dommes out there who feel that ‘safe words’ are unacceptable and that the sub should never be in control…perhaps, just perhaps, for some subs at least, you may be wrong.

And…to Miss Kay, my personal Disciplinarian and new friend…thank you Ma’am…I’ll be in touch soon. Shuffler.

6th April 2015

Report to Head Mistress!

Once again I had been told to report to the Head Mistress for failing to complete my homework.
I knocked on the door of her study and when it was opened I was greeted by a wonderful sight
The Head Mistress complete with her gown with just the tip of the handle of her tawse peeking out
from beneath her gown.
I was ushered into her study and instructed to raise my hands one on top of the other and I watched as the tawse
was slowly removed from beneath the gown and flexed in her hands, before being placed over her shoulder and then brought
crashing down on my outstretched palms.
CHANGE HANDS, I changed hands and the other palm felt the sting of the belt.
On this occasion it was SIX OF THE BEST, with the promise of more if I was sent back to her again.

A wonderful experience from a wonderful lady, I’ll certainly be back.
Alan. Glasgow.

6th April 2015

Happy Spankee

Have been visiting this lady for a few years now, and have never been let down by any visit. Sessions are fantastic, and you always leave with a smile on your face. And a well marked bottom. Highly recommended. James, Lanarkshire

6th April 2015

First visit

My first visit to Miss Kay was as a real novice, but she soon took me in hand.  Subsequently she has expanded my horizons, respecting, but testing my limits, whilst giving me experiences that I had not imagined.  I would recommend her for any “first timer” who is not sure what they are looking for.
Miss May has an lovely, well equipped flat, secure and easy to access.  She is very attractive, and always well dressed, but there is no question about who is in charge – she is.  From the moment that you enter you will be under her control and she will administer punishment as appropriate (and occasionally reward).