25th November 2017

I looked every inch the big, sissy baby!

Today was my fourth visit to see Miss Kay and this was the best one yet. I’ve always harboured a secret fantasy to be dressed as a sissy in lots of satin and frills and today my dreams came true.
On my last visit we agreed that I was going to stop smoking, Miss Kay made it very clear that she would not tolerate it any longer. I thought I could get away with a few sneaky ones as she’d never find out – famous last words! Miss Kay caught me red handed. As punishment I received six of the best with the tawse which left me quite literally red handed!
After a period of reflection in the corner Miss Kay told me that as I can’t be trusted to behave like an adult I would be treated and dressed like the naughty little sissy I was behaving like.
I was taken through to the bedroom and told to undress, no easy task when your hands are still stinging from the belt!
Miss Kay then produced a pair of big, pink satin panties, complete with elasticated legs, pink ribbons and layers of lacy ruffles on the bottom. To go with the panties she also gave me a matching satin vest. Next was a double layered pink petticoat and to finish off my transformation a beautiful satin baby doll dress with lots of lace, bows and frills.
Once dressed I looked every inch the big, sissy baby but if I thought my punishment was over I was very much mistaken.
Miss Kay sat down and told me to bend over her knee. I’ve always wanted a traditional OTK spanking from a strong, beautiful woman so this was a dream come true. Miss Kay gave me a long spanking over my pretty frilly knickers. I think she might have noticed that I was enjoying it because she then brought out her slipper-Ouch!! By the end my bottom was on fire but Miss Kay always knows how much punishment you can take and gives you just as much as you can handle.
Still angry about my smoking I was given a further six with the belt and a warning what to expect next time if I didn’t give up my filthy habit.
Miss Kay has brought a long held fantasy of mine to life in thrilling fashion. I’ve loved every one of my visits to her and look forward to visiting again as soon as I can. She has made this big sissy very happy and I cannot recommend her any more highly.
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