4th May 2018

Gasmask in place, I was tied to the table…….

This was my third visit to Miss Kay and I’m slowly exploring my likes and dislikes.
Miss Kay is very easy to talk to and is able to make suggestions that make you think ‘I hadn’t thought of that, but yes, I’ll try it’.

I wanted this visit to be similar to my last one, something different to wear, foot and shoe worship, spanking, tie and tease and a tantric massage to end with.
I’d asked Miss Kay for something nice to wear and she put out two outfits to choose between. I chose the red outfit with the small silky thong panties.
They felt so good.
Miss Kay was wearing her favourite red patent heel and I spent a lovely while stroking them, kissing them and sucking the heels.
Next i was told to go over her knees to be spanked.
She raised the bottom of my outfit and pulled my panties up tight and set about reddening my bottom.
Unlike my previous visit where I didn’t enjoy the fast spanking, this was slower and so enjoyable. After every spank she rubbed my bottom and lifted her hand.
The anticipation was intense, then her hand came down hard, warming one cheek or the other.
Before and after pictures were posted on Twitter.
It’s difficult to explain, but I was so happy!

On to the tie and tease, Miss Kay asked if I’d ever worn a gasmask or tried poppers before, I hadn’t but was very willing to try them.
, ear defenders put in place and all kinds of things done to bits of my anatomy.
I don’t know what type of nipple clamps she used but I loved the feeling of them, especially towards the end when Miss Kay seemed to pull and flick them.
The poppers didn’t do a huge amount for me other than make me relax, but I wasn’t exactly tense before hand – worth trying again.
After everything was removed and I was untied there was still time for a massage, including prostrate massage.
Feeling the massager being pushed in felt great and a lovely ending to my visit.

I feel I keep saying it was all so good, but it was.
Lots of new experiences and sensations and all are burnt into my mind.

I post the testimonials because I read other testimonials before I first visited Miss Kay and it helped me decide what direction my visits were to go.
I hope the this will help someone decide that this kind of experience is worth trying.

Biggest disappointment was that Miss Kay had disposed of the black leather spiky shoes with the red soles I’d loved so much on my previous visit.
Best part was the spanking, although Miss Kay was disappointed at my request for no marking (there was just a warm red glow).
I’m hope to be able to schedule a visit where she can try out other items on my bottom and leave something that will last for a few days.

Many thanks Miss Kay.