23rd March 2018

I could not have been in better hands and feeling safe enjoying every second.

After an absence of 10 yrs or so from a Mistresses lair, a next day appointment was made with Mistress
Kay. The location was easily found with plenty of parking space not far from Junction 6 M74.
Greeting me at the door with a warm welcome was an smartly dressed and softly spoken Mistress Kay.
Quickly feeling at ease Mistress Kay asked of my previous experience and what was sought from this 2hr visit. Not being into role play, a punishment session was the preferred choice.
Mistress Kay did explain that after such an absence from the scene that I would be ‘soft’ and so took great care in what was being done. That did not mean that the therapy was going to be easy. Mistress Kay listened carefully to what was being said using the information to create the scene being sought. Indeed warming things up with a very firm spanking until cheeks were well rosy, then progress was made through the various implements, tawse, canes and floggers. CBT was next with Tiger balm an ice, using a stiff brush on the penis tip, then the pin wheel, followed by the martinet. Nipple play was also on the menu.
For the last part of the session Mistress Kay used the Tiger canes and scorpion lash to great effect to leave plenty of marks and bruises which I very much wanted to take home.
Mistress Kay was efficient and a consummate professional in the use of the impedimenta of her craft, yet caring for your welfare, pushing bounds, not exceeding them. I could not have been in better hands and feeling safe enjoying every second.
For the warm down period, Mistress Kay made a welcome cup of coffee whilst games for future sessions were discussed. This part struck me as incongruous to a normal conversation. Being discussed was how to make things more difficult and painful for next time. Nice.
When seated the after glow of the canes can be felt, but alas all to quickly the painfully earned marks are fading fast. Soon there will be just a very happy memory of this brilliant and exhilarating time.