17th August 2018

I started chuckling to myself, and continued to do so the whole way home.

Miss Kay

My backside is red,

My arm turned blue,

But I had a fantastic time,

All thanks to you.

So yeah, my terrible poetry aside, that is a very broad overview of my visit to Miss Kay a earlier. I’m still processing much of what happened, however it is all the small details I remember the most.

I have no prior experience but after having been interested for a long time, I finally worked up the courage to book an appointment with Miss Kay. This was to be a taster session covering a range of different activities so I can start to get a feel for what I do and don’t like, and can honestly say I now have a good idea.

Prior to the appointment I will admit to being extremely nervous, however from the moment I entered Miss Kay was a friendly, kind and caring host. The offered drink helped to calm my nerves, as did our discussion about safe words, how the session would proceed and the activities in general. But even then I couldn’t help but notice the ice cubes in my water clinking around from my trebling. Like I said the small things are what I remember the most.

Then the session began. After stripping to my underwear, I was over Miss Kay’s knee and the spanking began. Her hands and various different items were used, the blows falling in time to the music she had put on. After a while I worked out the tempo in my head and started to anticipate the blows. Didn’t help in the slightest of course. Then I was informed that ‘The warm up is over’ My underwear was pulled down and the spanking resumed. Much worse this time, as in addition to not having a my boxer, Miss Kay had taken the gloves off. (Literally, the ‘warm up’ had both my boxers and her gloves to cushion the impact)

I was then told to stand and led to a mirror to see the result.

Then it was time for some bondage. Told to lie face down on the ground, Miss Kay proceeded to bind my wrists. I was testing these binding when my legs were bent and my feet bound. I was being hogtied. I was briefly left to test the bonds while Miss Kay left the room. She returned shortly later asking what I was doing. ‘Do you really think that’s possible’ she joked after I informed that I was trying to see if I could reach the knots. Of course I knew I couldn’t, but I felt I had to try. And then having my elbows bound behind my back didn’t make life any easier. Since I was in a ‘good position’ according to Miss Kay, next came the cane blows to my feet. Now that stung a fair bit. While I was still processing this, she switch to tickling my feet. Then I was left alone again, testing my bonds. I heard clinking from the kitchen next door, and recognised the sound immediately. When Miss Kay returned I tried to look up to confirm my suspicion, however the hogtie prevented my being able to raise my head high enough. Even with my suspicion, the ice cube to my back still came as a shock.

Then the tickling resumed, without pause. Realising I was in trouble, I marshalled my strength, ropes straining, water from melted ice spilling out the small of my back, I made my escape. ‘You don’t think you can get away do you?’ Miss Kay asked. In my defence, I think that the couple of inches I was able to move was pretty good under the circumstances. So the tickling continued and then ‘Maybe you prefer the cane?’ I didn’t really but the tickling continued after a few more seconds, a ‘Yes’ found its way through my lips. So out came the more vicious cane. And that one really hurt.

On reflection, I still don’t know if I prefer the cane or the tickling.

At this point I got to see Miss Kay’s caring side. My arm apparently was turning blue. I couldn’t tell any difference to tell the truth however the rope was clearly affecting circulation, so Miss Kay untied me.  Unfortunately the caring side then stopped, as the red from my spanking had gone, and it was now time to fix that. So out came the spanking bench. And Miss Kay’s tawse collection.

I would like to mention that my the time I started school, this form of corporal punishment had been outlawed, so I have never had to see these. Miss Kay provided some history on the each tawse before so set it to work on my backside. Some are reproductions, some are authentic pieces of history. Of course I could not repeat any of the details because to me they were just painful, more painful, really painful and so on. By I think the four one, it was becoming so painful that I was pushing the bench along the floor slightly in response to each blow. Six strokes with each tawse but in truth, the pain was the least of my issues. The board with Miss Kay’s collection was by my head and my gaze was fixed on the eighth one. This one was visibly thick that all the others, and I’ll admit, it scared me. but I wanted to find my limits. By the sixth tawse I was seriously considering using the safe word, but I held back. I was determined.

And then it was all over.

This was the only moment during the session where I was genuinely disappointed. Miss Kay informed me that blood had been drawn. It was a tiny amount, barely even visible on the cloth the Miss Kay used to treat me, but she would go to further, out of fear of making the injury worse. To be clear, I have nothing but respect for Miss Kay and the decision she made. My disappointment comes from not being able to see it through. If I’m being honest, I think that the final two would have broken me, I would have used the safe word, but at least I would have found my limits. Oh well, maybe next time.

The session though was not over. On wobbly legs I returned to the mirror and inspected the result of Miss Kay’s handiwork. I couldn’t believe that was me. The heat coming off me. The roughness of the skin. Typing this I realise I need to revisit my last paragraph. I don’t think anymore, I know I would have used the safe word if we continued.

The remainder of the session was carried out on Miss Kay’s massage table. I laid on my back and was bound to the table. At this point I can only inform you of what I THINK happened, as I was swiftly blindfolds, gagged and denied my hearing through sound supressing head phones. I wooden spoon was placed in my hand, to be used in place of a safe word while gagged. Dropping it would show that I had enough. First my genitals where tied off, followed by nipple clamps (which I later learned were adjustable and were pretty lose on me) Electric shocks were applied to my thighs, I guess through some kind of control box since the shocks alternated following a pattern. While this was going to Miss Kay used some kind of probes in her hand to administer shocks to the rest of my body, ranging all the way from my chest down to my feet. My penis was treated to these shocks as well, and also a pinwheel if I’m not mistaken. Compared to the spanking and the tawse, the pain was nothing, however the full body treatment, combined with the sensory deprivation meant I was thrashing around anyway, unable to guess where the next assault would be coming from. Also Miss Kay would pull on the nipple clamps and I guess the rope attached to my genitals, forcing me to lift myself of the table. Let me say, that’s no easy task when your tied down and being treated to electric shocks. Then my genitals were untied, the shocks stopped, and Miss Kay awarded me one of her special gold stars for not using the safe word..

After being untied from the table, a shower was offered. I declined because I was eager to rush home to my own bathroom so I could inspect the mark on my body in more detail, but I appreciated the offer. I honestly would not have guessed that 90 minutes had passed. Miss Kay and I had a friendly chat about the session, which help me to form some ideas of what I want to explore further going forward.

After leaving though, I realised that I had been left with one final gift I did not expect. After leaving town and joining the motorway, I turned on the cruise control at 65mph, content to let everyone overtake me while I reflected on the session. About five minutes later I started fell rather warm in the seat. ‘That’s funny’ I thought while instinctively reaching for the controls ‘I don’t remember turning on the heated seats’ We all now where this is going, the heated seats weren’t on. I don’t know why, but as soon as I realised, I started chuckling to myself, and continued to do so the whole way home.

To Miss Kay, I cant thank you enough for the fantastic experience. I look forward to the time when I may be able to place myself in your hands again.

To everyone else reading this testimonial, I know its a bit long winded, but thank you for sticking to the end. I cant recommend Miss Kay enough.