16th May 2018

It was just as well I had remembered my manners!

Ready for puppies dinner!

The two dog bowls I’d brought along for our photo shoot were over on the other side of the room.

Miss Kay, busy getting her camera ready, nodded in their direction. “Go and get the dog bowls,,” she said.
I must have stared at her blankly, seconds too late in responding.  {I am returning to this lifestyle after many years away, Miss Kay is leading me slowly but firmly back to a place I have yearned to be in an understanding way with clear empathy.}
“GO and get the dog bowls.” No louder – just even more of an order.
The penny dropped. I did as I was told.
Then a smile spread across her face. “You haven’t got the hang of this yet, have you?” she laughed.
(You’re right Miss Kay, I haven’t. But I’m glad to say that with you in control of me, I will.))
There ‘d been a smile on her face when she’d greeted me, holding the front door open in welcome. There was a red dress and a pair of white panties for me to change into. She’d remembered what  I’d enjoyed wearing on my first visit exactly one month earlier.
During our catch-up chat I mentioned that I was interested in experiencing more CP.
So after her OTK warm-up Miss Kay decided that I need to undergo a toughening up programme. After fastening me to her spanking bench, the mirror was placed in front of us. That way, I could watch as she delivered the first round of her programme.  Six strokes – first a paddle, then a swishy cane – were administered to one bottom cheek, then the other. Strapped down as I was, I had to accept the punishment before being set free.
Miss Kay then informed me that, a couple of days earlier, a very generous sub had gifted her some very interesting items.  (As I was to discover for myself, I think a lot of her future visitors may well be grateful for his gesture.) One of them was a PU leather straitjacket, and knowing my love of tight bondage, Miss Kay did me the honour of asking if I would like to try it out. Would I? As I’m sure you will agree, it would have been rude not to. My upper half was swiftly immobilized,  first as she did up the straps at the back, then my arms were fixed across my chest.
There was more to come. “Are you up for the gag hood ?” she asked. “Yes please, ” I replied. It was just as well I had remembered my manners as those were the last words I was going to be able to say for quite some time.  “Open your mouth,” Miss Kay instructed and the ball gag went in. She then set to, fastening what seemed like a remarkable – but very pleasing – amount of straps, making them tight  then tighter still. And it may have been the size of the hood, but I did find it difficult to see out of the eyeholes. I was immobile, unable to speak and pretty much unable to see what was going on.
(For anyone who enjoys the sensation of total enclosure, this must seem like perfection. Although It’s probably worth mentioning that the hood means that anyone who suffers from claustrophobia – I don’t – might choose to opt just for the straitjacket instead. )
Miss Kay had yet more in store for me. Another gift had been a wand vibrator, and she began to use this at will around my body, concentrating on my nipples, cock and balls until she brought me to the edge of a climax, time and time again. A combination of that, the material I was wearing, and my restrained state was quite a sensation to experience, believe me.
But there was still more to come. For her finale, Miss Kay turned me round so my face was up against the wall and then delivered yet more CP across my buttocks. And then there was silence – save for the click, click, click as she captured me on camera. Absolutely incredible.
One more memory from what was a very fulfilling session for me. Noticing my pleasure as she prepared to put the hood around  my head, she’d remarked: “You’re a kinky beggar, you”.
Not only does Miss Kay excel at what she does. She is also an excellent judge of character …                   Tom