16th May 2018

Miss Kay has developed a good hard hand!

Yesterday 15th I set off down the M74 for some disciplinary action from that lovely disciplinarian, Miss Kay. It was a lovely warm sunny morning but I had a feeling it was going to get a lot warmer. After the usual light refreshment and chat it was trousers and pants down and over her knees for a bare bottom spanking. Miss Kay was wearing a very fetching black

cat suit which was very cool on the skin. My bottom however did not stay cool for long. She started off with her gloves on which I thought was very pleasant, then the gloves came off and I started to feel it. Miss Kay has developed a good hard hand and soon my bum was stinging. Other things were used like school rulers and a little strap with a handle that has a lovely sting to it.
A short trip over to the spanking bench came next. Miss Kay tested out most of her arsenal of straps and tawses with six from each of them and followed that up by letting me feel half a dozen whacks from her favourite canes. My rear end was certainly being disciplined. A birch I had made was then used and I received a dozen good hard strokes. What do you think of the birch Miss Kay asked me , its a good one I replied through gritted teeth. I was then ordered to stand up and hold out my hands for the belt. Six hard stinging strokes were applied, she can really give the belt. If she had been a teacher I would have done my homework. Miss Kay was not happy with the first six and gave me another six, my hands were now glowing a bright red colour.
After another light refreshment it was back to the spanking bench for a leathering from her prison strap, It makes a wonderful sound when it connects with the bare rear end. She also let me try out her convent strap which stung a bit. Finally I received twelve of the best from her favourite cane. I felt I had been well disciplined.
Miss Kay’s last action was to demonstrate how skillful she can be while belting your hands. Whilst holding her mobile phone in her left hand as a camera she gave me six of the belt on the hands. I thought to myself she is bound to miss once or twice, not a chance, each stinging stroke was laid on hard and landed right on the mark. What an end to a fantastic day.