12th September 2018

Moments into the session I was already trembling.

Thank you again for the wonderful afternoon, and for sending over the pictures. As promised please find my testimonial below.

You had simply ordered me to strip naked and put on a pair of bright red women’s underwear, which you confidently stated was the colour you were aiming to see on my bottom by the end of the session. In those few moments, I immediately felt so meek and helpless, standing before you awaiting my fate.

Placing a chair in the centre of the room you ordered me to sit, before cuffing my hands behind my back, attached to a collar round my neck. Next my feet were tied by a chain running round the back of the chair. This was followed you ‘gentler’ set of nipple clamps. Then a heavier chain was attached to these. Then a second even heavier chain. By now I was leaning forward, trying to find a way to relieve the pressure on my strained nipples. Inches from my face, was a third, even larger chain, which you commented you didn’t think that my nipples could handle the wait. After a moment waiting to see if I would use our safe word, on went the chain. And it turns out you were right. Immediately the nipple clamp snapped off, causing more than a little discomfort. I’ll admit to being a little disappointed when you took the clamps and chains away, but also a little relieved. We were only minute into the session and I was already breathing heavily. You then commented on having to train my nipples further, and produced your more severe Japanese style nipple clamps, complete with fishing weights already attached. Those (un)fortunately stayed put. Now it was time to really get started.

Then out came THE flogger. I say THE flogger as its the one I bought as a gift for you before our first session, as a way to make up for my extreme nervousness and it pleased me that you remembered. It pleased me less when it started striking my body. Of course every strike caused me to jump, in turn causing the weights on my nipples to shift. At this point the only real disappointment with the session happened, and in fairness, it led to an even better outcome. The Velcro on the collar kept coming lose, and what submissive doesn’t want to wear a collar at least some of the time. This wasn’t because of any substandard equipment or misuse on your part, but because I don’t have a neck per-se, rather more of a continuation of my shoulder muscles running right into my skull. So the collar and cuffs want away and instead my hands were tied, crossed at the wrist, behind my head. Technically I was more free than I had been a moment ago as I could move my arms, however I immediately knew that moving at all was not an option, and doing so would earn me punishment.

Prior to our session I had given you permission to punish me if you felt I was acting inappropriately, and I was determined not to make it easy for you. And unless I’m very much mistaken I very quickly gained my first two punishment. First, with my hands retied you resumed flogging my chest and sternly told me to stop moving after each strike. I tried, and failed. Then, after being blindfolded, you had me guess what you were doing next, After an incorrect first guess, I realised you had lit a candle. The first time you used it on me, my yelp of pain blew out the candle. Another punishment earned. I then clamped my mouth shut, determined not to make the same mistake. I tried, and failed. Then more strikes to the chest and back. I don’t know what instrument you were using, but the nipple chain continued to dance regardless.

Then after a brief pause to stretch my muscles, I laid face down on the floor, my own weight pressing down on the still attached nipple clamps, and was hogtied ankle to toe. The assault on my feet was next. The choice between several different instruments to be used. By this point I driven down so far mentally that I took the cowards way out, and took the easiest option. Another punishment earned. Next, untied and the clamps finally removed, I was ordered to kneel on all fours and you turned your attention to my bottom. By this point I was loosing myself more and more in the moment. I couldn’t even tell you what instrument you used, or if you gave me a choice. With each new act, I felt myself becoming more and more submissive. I didn’t think I could sink any further. And then you taught me the phrase that would become my mantra for the remainder of the session.

‘Thank you Mistress’

Everyone who has ever looked into the lifestyle for even a moment will have encountered these words, either in stories, testimonials or videos. But to actually say them. Over and over as you attacked my backside. It was hours ago now and I still cant put that moment into words. I think its one of those moments where if someone doesn’t get it, no words can properly describe it. And if they do get it, then no words are necessary.

During this time, you also took the trouble to fill my mouth with a ball gag, which remained in place as you tied me (face up) to your massage table. You gave me an option between CBT or nipple torture. No hesitation. CBT. Didn’t care if it earned my a punishment. I didn’t want you anywhere near my aching nipples again. So of course immediately after tying of my genitals (and handing me the rope and directing me to keep it tight) you started teasing both my genitals AND my nipples. Three clothes pegs to each nipple and (based on the photo you kindly showed my afterwards) 20 on my genitals. Tickling of my feet with pins was next. Normally my feet are not too ticklish however by this point I was beyond trying to appear tough. I would try anything to get away. Thrashing about only caused the pegs to shake, and the rope in my hand to go taught. There was no escape. You pointed out that I was only making it worse for myself. Another punishment I guess but I tried my best to remain still. And again, I tried, and failed.

Then came another choice. Did I want to have my feet tortured with the cane with the cord grip, or would I prefer to have my feet tortured with the cane with the swede grip. For what its worth, I went with the swede. Then, as a final little game you produced your ten sided dice, where every side was a multiple of ten. On rolling for me, you (conveniently) rolled 90, the highest possible. At first I honestly thought that this would be the end, and that I would be using a safe word. But with a little help from my counting, and frenzied hand gestures when you couldn’t understand me through my gag, we made it to 90.

Then came the worst part, removing all those clothes pegs. The irony is that I seriously considered using the safe word at this point. But then I figured, they’ve got to come off one way or the other anyway so its kind of pointless now.

Finally the session was over, except for my punishment. Free of my bonds, I leaned over your table to accept he various belts and tawse to my bottom. Again, I was given the choice of which one would be used, the candidates lying on the table next to me. Of course, ‘since they were out’ they all got used and I was only really in charge of the order. After complementing on taking my punishment well, the session was finally over.

I will offer a special thank you for being such a generous host while the marks from the gag faded from my face.

After my earlier taster session, I had really hoped to step things up with this session, and was not disappointed. I wish I could say I was proud of myself for toughing out some of the more severe moments, however even as I descended further and further into a submissive state, my rational brain was always working away in the background, analysing the situation. You read the situation perfectly at every moment, knowing exactly when to ease up on the intensity. I know there were moments where you stepped down the physical intensity, however this allowed for the mental intensity of the session to remain throughout the entire session. While I thankful for every part of the session, your ability to judge the moment is in my opinion, the thing to be most thankful for.

As always it was a genuine pleasure and I look forward to more sessions in the future. Now its time to go and nurse (ok play with) my tender nipples, and avoid putting my feet on any hardwood surfaces, like my kitchen floor, however I’ll say it one last time just for kicks.

Thank you Mistress