13th May 2018

Used slippers for sale

My beloved Ruby+ Ed slippers have now walked their last steps…….lovely and worn ~ who would like them posted to them for a small tribute?

15th April 2018

Dicing around!

So, when I am unsure how many stroked to deliver, I will choose the appropriate dice for the offense and leave the rest to fate!

Fun, yes?

16th March 2018

Glasgow Munch ~ this Sunday 18 March!

All welcome!

Seems the traditional way the group will be spotted is by having a copy of the Beano on the table! Anyone who is a bit worried about that just call me on 07742 370 874 and I will come and find you!


“ A munch for those interested in the art of spanking”

Date & Time: Sunday, March 18, 2018 · 2:30 PM – 6:00 PM
The Counting House
2 St Vincent Pl, Glasgow G1 2DH
Cost: free
Dress code: casual

12th March 2018

Breaking news!



2h2 hours ago

“This is a chance for the government to rethink the absence of safeguards for privacy and security, but it is frightening to consider that this policy was two weeks away from launch before it was pulled… before the scheme caused real damage.

11th March 2018

Digital Economy Act 2017



I have been advised that to avoid falling foul of the new legislation that I should remove all images that are sexually explicit from my website.

My Twitter feed will also be removed from my website in case I retweet anything that might be described as sexually explicit.  My Twitter feed will be available by going directly to the twitter site.

2nd March 2018

Updated working days

Now we are getting back to normal after our visit from ‘The Best from the East’ please see my updated days, subject to booking by calling me : same day bookings around 10am please, but always best to book in advance!

Sunday 4th March ~ One lunchtime appointment available

Monday 5th March ~ Normal hours

Tuesday 6th March ~ Normal hours

Wednesday 7th March ~ Normal hours

Thursday 8th March ~ No Appointments sorry

Friday 9th March ~ No Appointments sorry

Saturday 10th March ~ No Appointments sorry

Sunday 11th March ~ One lunchtime appointment available

From Monday 12 March ~ usual hours

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