29th January 2018

Something different!

As I lie face down on the rug in Miss Kay’s lounge my hands tightly bound behind my back with rope, my ankles tied crossed together and then pulled up almost touching my ass and tied to my wrist and elbows also lashed together expertly, panting for breath from the exertions of trying in vain to escape Miss Kay’s very , very tight ropes as I look across at her discarded patent red heels inches from my face and then up to her smiling down on me from the sofa her bare feet dangling provocatively, the last words Miss Kay said as she bound me ringing true in my ears ” I’ve told you before Matt, be careful what you wish for “. Of course , as always Miss Kay is correct I may have bitten off more than I could chew thinking I could get myself free from her hogtie.
I visit Miss Kay to be made helpless, I don’t much care for spankings and caning my real thrill comes from being helpless and the tighter the better and Miss Kay has never failed to deliver
When we were discussing what I wanted from today’s session I explained , maybe even challenged Miss Kay to  make the bondage tighter, more extreme than we have tried before. Miss Kay suggested a hogtie, and it was a dream come true, I think a hogtie is the holy grail for any true bondage enthusiast.
Miss Kay started with binding my wrists in minutes they were very tightly lashed together, next came my ankles which were very soon tied very close to my wrists, before finishing off by tying my elbows together. Miss Kay sat back to relax and watch me squirm. I found a knot straight away and started to pull at it , I thought I would be free in no time until the devilish Miss Kay pounced retied the knot and then took the ends out of reach behind my feet somewhere and tied them off. I struggled and squirmed and pulled as hard as I could on all the ropes, I rolled to my right side then to my left to see if it would allow any slackness in the ropes , then back onto my stomach crushing my growing erection in the process, all the while Miss Kay watched and smiled wickedly, at one point commenting  on what a pretty package I was all hogtied and helpless which I thought was an amazing thing to hear.
At one point Miss Kay took the loose end of the rope joining my hands and feet and pulled it high in the air making my back arch and pulling my chest and knees from the floor in the process ” I need a frame to tie this to ” she announced , thankfully for me Miss Kay didn’t decide to tie it to the top of the door frame and hold me in this position.
I will spare everyone the details of the rest of my session but as I know that Miss Kay is better known for her expertise in corporal punishment but I can testify she is just as capable of dishing out an extremely tight binding as she is a sound thrashing.