Miss Kay of South Lanarkshire, near Glasgow

27th July 2018

Sunny and warm but not half as warm as my well whacked backside!

It was a warm sunny day as I took off down the M74 towards Hamilton, it was going to get a lot warmer because I was heading for the lair of the lovely disciplinarian Miss Kay. After a relaxing refreshment and chat it was down to business.

Miss Kay quickly warmed up my hands by belting them with a couple of her tawses. She is becoming too good at this because the first tawse she used stung the hands for quite a while. She next thanked me for the bunch of birch twigs I had brought her, ordered me over the spanking bench and promptly whacked my bare backside with them.

Oh joy but worse was to follow. Next I was leathered by her Irish Convent Strap to be followed by her Canadian Prison strap, by now my poor bum was crying out for help but none was to come. She next informed me that I was going over her knee for a spanking. Her hand was used along with various little painful implements including a wooden spoon, it finished off with a good walloping with her plimsoll.

Finally it was back over the spanking bench to experience the delights of two or three of her canes. One of them is a real beauty and it certainly left its mark. All too soon is was back up the M74, it was still Sunny and warm but not half as warm as my well whacked backside!


8th July 2018

Together we have explored my sexuality…….

I have known Miss Kay for some years now and together we have explored my sexuality – trying all sorts of interesting new angles.  Some were an interesting one-off experiences, some we have repeated and developed together.  Unfortunately circumstances are such that I do not get to visit frequently, but this week the planets aligned and I had the opportunity to visit and Miss Kay had some new equipment for me to try – donated by another of her clients (Many thanks for that kind donation.)

Miss Kay knows what I enjoy and knows my limits (although she occasionally tests them!).  For my part I know that I can absolutely trust her and that she is highly competent and very experienced, so I can permit myself to be in positions of personal helplessness, knowing that I will be safe.  This is, for me, absolutely critical.

The first new experience was the strait-jacket, which I found surprisingly comfortable, a little bit hot, (but it was a very warm day – so that is exceptional) and very restricting for the upper body.  This was followed by the full head hood – I refused the ball gag – I needed to breath and I needed to be able to speak if required – but otherwise I was shut away.  No vision and reduced sound – best described as like having a poor mobile phone signal.  I could hear, but not always sufficiently well to understand the instructions.  Being walked around her flat with no vision was quite disorientating.  I finally ended up on the rug on the floor, face down with a hog-tie pulling my  legs back just using rope around my big toes.   This really was quite restricting, and I became passive as there was nothing that I could do.  Miss Kay did attack the exposed soles of my feet with an implement – possibly a cane, which was a new experience.

After a while toying with me in my helpless condition she had me stand up – not as difficult as I had expected and directed me back through the door into the bedroom (and I did not touch anything! – she was very skilled in steering me).  The new equipment was removed and I was tied (with soft scarves) to the massage table on my back, had my eyes very effectively covered with an eye mask and then Miss Kay continued to torment me – nipple clamps chained together – when she knows I do not like pain and she tied up my cock and balls.  This continued in various forms for some while and I think I can say that I was fully satisfied by the time we got to the end.

It is both stimulating and relaxing to be able to place your whole being in Miss Kay’s very capable hands and just go with the flow. So if you want to try something new, Miss Kay is exactly the right lady with which to embark upon that adventure.  I look forward to my next visit – as yet with no idea of when or what might happen, but sound in the knowledge that it will be fun and likely to take me to new places.

25th June 2018

Letter to Miss Kay……

Dear Miss Kay,
Its always a pleasure to spend time helpless at your feet….well to begin with at least!
One of the most attractive features I have always found in a person is confidence, and this is something you exude.
From our very first telephone conversation through to our first meeting you have always given off a real sense of confidence and control which has equally set my mind at ease and my heart racing!
I really didn’t know what to expect from our meeting especially since you had sent me some pictures of some new positions and toys.
When you ordered me to strip I wasn’t sure what you had in mind for me to start our session, when you had me kneel and brought out a roll of vet wrap that you had told me previously you had purchased to experiment with I wasn’t sure what you were going to do with it. When you started to gag me with it by wrapping over and around my mouth and head I was surprised how effective it was, I was also surprised how much wrap was on one roll, I lost count of how many times you wrapped it around and around my mouth, then eyes, in fact I think the only thing visible on my face was my nose. I was pleasantly surprised how effective it was at blocking out the light and keeping my noise to a minimum. when you had me lie face down on the rug and started binding my arms behind me my heart was racing, it felt like you used your leg or foot as leverage to get my elbows closer together than in previous visits and when you finished tying them there was definitely less slack by the time you had finished  binding my ankles together and securing the hogtie rope I knew I was in the tightest bondage I had ever experienced and it felt bliss! 
it felt like only a few minutes of struggling and writhing around on your rug as I heard you clicking photos and typing away on your phone, I think you told me I was struggling too much as I had came close to spilling your glass off the table which I couldn’t understand as I was no where near it the last time I could see! I could hear you walking around then felt you kneel but couldn’t believe when you started to fasten a collar around my neck but the shock of being collared was nothing compared to the shock of having a rope tied to the collar then pulled back down to my elbows and tied off forcing me to try and keep my head up off the floor. 
I found that if I lay on my side it took some of the strain from the collar but my arms would get sore after a few minutes which is shy I kept rolling back and forth, which was nice and easy to do even while hogtied with a collar tied to my arms, but clearly you thought I had too much room to wriggle as you soon decided to bind my big toes together, I cannot begin to describe the feeling I get when you add to my bondage when I am already helpless and clearly going nowhere. I was genuinely a little panicked when you then ran the rope back from my toes to tie it off to the elbow rope as well.
It was rather more difficult to wriggle from my front to side once my toes were tied to my elbows.
I was shocked how powerful your new wand vibrator was, especially considering it was low on charge,even the brief moments it was against my cock and balls I felt it bring me close to the edge, the threat of having it tied in place to tease me is an ominous thought!
I could hear you moving around me but had no idea what you were doing, when I felt the strong vibrations of your new wand my already aroused state became far more intense! the wand is so strong I felt myself being brought to the edge almost instantly I was so grateful that the battery needed charged as your threat of tying it in place and leaving me to suffer could have got me into serious trouble !!
The next thing I remember was lying on my side trying to calm down from the wands teasing when all of a sudden you started spraying me with what felt like ice cold water, starting with my cock and balls but as I struggled and squirmed fighting the ropes trying to escape the torture of the water I remember hearing your soft calm voice tell me you thought I needed help cooling off as I looked warm. I managed to struggle onto my front still hogtied tight and somehow not on the run any longer. I tried to roll onto my side to take the weight off my cock but all I could do was slide on the wet floor.
Somehow during my prolonged struggles I managed to move the vet wrap off one eye and was shocked to see I had managed to turn 180 degrees on the floor and instead of my head at the hall door my feet or rather knees were there now, this really screwed with my head as I only felt as if I was going from my front to side as I struggled but had actually been turning around
I remember mumbling for you to release me through the gag and you telling me I had only been hogtied for about 50 minutes and that you thought I could make it to the hour as I was clearly enjoying myself still. Something that I always feel is very powerful is the way you untie me, so slowly taking your time to tidy the ropes as you go leaving my hands to last to release.
It has to be said the hogtie with collar tied and toes tied is the tightest and most amazing bondage experience so far, I looked back to the very first email I sent you before I wrote this, and I asked to be tied up tight and made to struggle something that you always deliver in spades !!!!
I thought I was lucky to avoid any cock and ball torture or nipple clamps as I lay hogtied so when you moved me to the massage table and tied my arms I knew my luck was about to run out , especially with the new metal pins you showed me earlier.
When you put the new metal pins on my balls they felt much more nippy than the plastic ones you usually use, I was so relieved that you took them off after I begged like a big baby and replaced them with the rope as you tied my balls up very snug.which was far less severe that the metal pegs.
I had really hoped that as you know how much I despise nipple clamps you would spare me the torture this time but of course they were next to come. I have said it almost every visit but I truly mean it I would agree to almost anything to keep those horrid devices tucked away in your cupboard. and I think the fact that I begged you to swap them for the metal pegs on my balls shows how much I hate them!
I think I was wise to ask to try out your new hood with built in gag and blindfold when you put the pegs back on my balls as I didn’t want to disturb your neighbours. The hood was a new and very interesting experience, I wasn’t prepared for how tight it would be , or how much I would have to concentrate on my breathing while it as in place, if I struggled too much or squirmed it was hard to breath, the gag filled my mouth just enough and when laced and strapped on there was no way to escapee the hood.If I am honest I had expected you to swap the nipple clamps for the 4 metal pegs from before so you can imagine my horror when I felt and counted 12 metal pegs on my now bound balls, which is something else I hadn’t thought while begging you to swap nipple clamps for ball pegs, the fact you had bound my balls since taking the pegs off and made my balls extra sensitive for the 12 pegs.
for some reason I felt the tense machines more sever this visit than before, I am not sure if this is doe to the severe hogtie earlier or the positioning  of the pads but they were very intense, added to the tied balls and pegs , I am sure at one point you threatened to put the tens pads on my cock. I was very glad of the hood and gag as you removed all those metal pegs I remember counting them coming off in my head.
Thank you for another very memorable visit, you never cease to amaze me with your creativity.
I hope to visit again soon
13th June 2018

“Now,” inquired Miss Kay “what am I going to do with you today?”

After enjoying the restrictive pleasures of a straitjacket on two previous visits, I was keen to experience clingfilm mummification, while at the same time being gagged and handcuffed. This was discussed and we both agreed that she was to take photographs, as she saw fit, of me in my predicament.

Miss Kay ordered me to strip naked. She began by winding vet tape around my head but leaving my mouth free. After checking that I was unable to see, she then
ball-gagged me and I was handcuffed so my hands were trapped in front of my chest.

Next, Miss Kay stood still and held the roll of cling film as I moved round and round until I was securely confined from my neck down to my thighs.

All Wrapped up!

Awaiting punishment!

“You’re Miss Kay’s piece of meat  – all wrapped up!” she exclaimed  (The sense of satisfaction  in her voice as she said those words was quite noticeable.)
“You’re utterly helpless. Just the way I like it,” she continued. “Stand there and relax. And don’t go away.”
So relax was what I did. I was completely at her mercy. There was nothing much I could do  –  nothing, that is, except await my fate …
Her footsteps moved away. When she returned, I sensed her making cuts in the cling film, then felt the coldness of ice cubes being placed against my skin. (To cool me down, she explained. It was a warm day: the wrapping I was encased in would only increase that feeling. Even so, the melting ice cubes really added to my enjoyment.)
“Mmm. A nipple, I think,” said Miss Kay. She cut through the cling film again, located my left nipple, and attached to it what I guessed was a peg. I then felt movement around my neck – as if something was being tied or fastened there. Her voice informed me: “If you move your neck at all, it will pull on your nipple.” Despite her warning, I moved my neck. She had not been joking: the sharpness of the pain was immediate.
As I realised my folly in ignoring her, I also realised that she was inserting something else into the wrapping around my cock. I had no idea what this was  –  and there was no clue from her. I opted for safety. One of those ideas of hers alone limited unnecessary movement to the absolute minimum. But two of them combined …
What a devilishly delightful imagination this lady has.
(For good measure,  Miss Kay then gave me a good thrashing all over my body.)
But, as I was to discover, there was more to come.
Ordered to walk, I was guided towards the other room for the second part of the session. Here, made to lie down on the table, she indulged me with a number of treats.

Miss Kay played with me using her magic wand. She glove smothered me too, one hand pinching my nose while the other pressed firmly down across my gagged mouth. Sometimes, it was the wand on its own. Others, I was simply being smothered.

But that’s not all. There were times when the wand was placed at my cock and balls and I was also being smothered. Absolutely exquisite.
And as if that wasn’t enough, Miss Kay would toy with the peg that remained attached to my nipple  …
Is it any wonder that her attentions left me, quite literally, breathless?  Using my tongue, I was able to push the ball in the gag forward. This also allowed me to gasp out (brief) replies if she spoke.
And it’s here that I have to regretfully admit that Miss Kay started to lose patience with me. Why? I was lifting my legs up too much, she told me. (More than once, actually.) So she said: “If you don’t stop, I’ll tie you down.” There was a pause. “Do you want me to tie you down?” (Oh, I so wanted that.) Which she duly carried out, fastening my ankles with what I guessed to be scarves.
Naturally, it would only be polite for me to express my thanks for such an unforgettable time at her capable hands. However, while tied to the table I’d answered one of her questions only with word “yes”. “Say yes  … Mistress ,” she had ordered. So with that in mind, I simply wish to say a heartfelt “Thank you … Mistress.”
11th June 2018

I knew I would be getting a richly deserved punishment for my tardy attendance!

Red outfit!

I arranged a visit with Mistress Kay by email and we discussed what I was hoping to achieve. During the course of our emails it became clear that Mistress Kay knew that it was quite some time since I had visited and that I would be getting a richly deserved punishment for my tardy attendance.

On arrival I was welcomed in with the usual beaming smile and I immediately noticed Mistress Kay was wearing the red outfit seen in some of her recent photos.

Get over my knee boy!

I freshened up and then it was straight down to business with the usual OTK warmup. It was immediately clear that I was being prepared for the punishment which would be painful. I was subjected to the gloved hand and a number of domestic implements. This was followed by my balls being placed in the humbler which I had experienced on my last visit.  At that point I knew I had little control over the next activities as my Crown Jewels were particularly vulnerable. Mistress Kay wasted no time in making that point with one of her floggers being used on my exposed equipment. After a while it was decided that I should be put in a stringent hogtie and so I was manoeuvred onto the floor. This was a first for me and one I would like to repeat although I am not sure I want to repeat it while still in the humbler!

Mistress Kay then decided that my relaxation time was over and I was placed over the spanking bench for my real punishment. This consisted of straps, tawses and canes being used to reinforce Mistress Kay’s view that I need to visit more often.

After a while mercy  was in order and I was moved to the massage table where I was restrained and my head encased in the new hood. This is a very effective sensory deprivation tool and I could not see and barely hear. I immediately felt pegs being attached to my cock and balls – the new metal ones I found out later. Pads for a Tens unit were attached to my inner thighs. It transpired this was a new unit and the sequence it produced certainly focussed the mind. Finally my nipples were clamped adding to the sensory overload.

Awaiting his fate!

While all this was going on Mistress Kay introduced me to the experience of a prostrate massage with her new toys and used a vibrator to help you expand the sensation.This prostrate massager was then replaced by a butt plug and my cock and balls were liberally coated in Tiger Balm to further heighten the experience. Finally Miss Kay treated me to some face sitting – I need more practice at that!

Finally the tie and tease was over and I was returned to normal feeling the removal of the plug and the increase of sensation when the pegs and nipple clamps were removed.

The end of the session was punishment with the new whips and some hard strokes with the carpet beater and the Canadian Prison Strap.  We finished of with me taking the strap on dildo for the first, but hopefully not the last, time.

All in all a superb session with Mistress Kay which started off with me thinking I was calling the shots but it became clear very soon who was in charge.

I must not wait so long for another visit as I had a fantastic afternoon.

‘Loved being spanked’

11th June 2018

On a roll of the dice.

Mistress Kay hosted the 3rd visit to her chamber where after the OTK warm up and a taster of some of the many canes and straps while wearing handcuffs, the games began. Only this time there was no beginner tameness, it was full on.
A chosen game was with the dice and impact toys. The die selected was inscribed with high value
numbers. First thrown was a double zero, Mistress Kay then advised that a lottery ticket should be purchased. A second throw was the order with best out of three. A 70 was next showing. Would that be IT. Last thrown was…….90. That was the order of the day. Given the choice of implement, the choice was of two, which Mistress Kay kindly allowed. Chosen was the Black Tiger Cane then the Prison Strap. Two of sub’s favourites, 90 strokes was a lot in one go, but soon over leaving a derriere feeling as if it was made of leather. Sub has a preference for the natural materials, wood and leather far better in feel than the plastics.
From all that could be seen, Mistress Kay seemed to be laying down the strokes hard.
Trampling followed and the heels left good puncture marks.
Bastinado next and with canes, a crop and short whips, this was difficult to pain manage, some lovely bruising now adorns the soles of my feet. Nice.
A kindly sub had gifted Mistress Kay a leather helmet which Mistress Kay fitted to sub. The helmet was good, it had fitted a blindfold and gag.
Laying tied to the table Mistress Kay was busy prepping for my departure, but not before some breath control, the helmet made it difficult for hand smothering so a plastic bag was used over the helmet.
This did not form a good seal so some air did get in in spite of Mistress’s valiant attempts to separate sub from the atmosphere. Mostly stale air was being breathed. This was a whole new experience. Looking forward to more breath control.
Lastly was some face slapping Mistress Kay can really hit hard. ‘For this task certain is sub that borrowed were the hands of a labourer, mmmmm.’ Then a shower. All to quickly good times come to an end.
What Mistress Kay had been prepping for was a chosen end game based on an experience from many years ago with a previous Mistress, who upon spotting sub wearing nail varnish on his toes then painted the finger nails of both hands and applied lipstick. The door was quickly shut behind sub.
Mistress Kay had applied nail polish to the right hand and foot. Being right handed this could pose a problem on the way home. Leaving the left hand free for any social interactions. Mistress Kay is very thoughtful in leaving this avenue of freedom open.
Having had such a great time with Mistress Kay the next visitation is eagerly awaited, however the holiday season is upon us all and so many places to go for adventure. But none like Mistress Kay’s.
For all who visit Mistress Kay and read the testimonials enjoy your visit to a wonderful Mistress and have a good holiday.

30th May 2018

I felt a collar being fastened, then tightened, around my neck …

Miss Kay and I had made our plans to do a photo shoot. Not my first for her: I am pleased to say she was satisfied with my role as her sub a few weeks earlier and so required me again. And this time round,  it meant filming, as well as her taking photographs.

Naturally enough, her idea – the filming – was to be done first. As Miss Kay set up the tripod behind me, she explained I was to be a naughty boy who had been summoned for punishment. The camera would film over my shoulder, so the viewer sees the action as though it were through their own eyes, almost.

Hands up boy!

By now she was standing in front of me. Her eyes met mine. “You will take six,” she said, in that calm yet firm way I have become to know so well. “Are you ready?” I nodded meekly. She selected a tawse from her collection and what followed was a belting over alternate hands.Then, as she went to switch off the camera, and I nursed my stinging hands, I reflected on the fact that each blow had increased in ferocity, yet she didn’t seem to have increased her effort in any way.
My idea gave me the opportunity to wear two favourites of mine: her PU leather straitjacket plus matching gag hood. Not only is it the sense of restriction involved that works for me. It’s the feel and smell of the material, as well as the knowledge that your ability to see and speak is non-existant. You have to rely solely on your hearing to try to determine what is going on around you.

Having been suitably trussed up by Miss Kay, I realised how fortunate I was in that I have complete trust in her. I was aware that camera flashes were going off around me as she took pictures from different angles. I felt her hands on me as she moved me around at her will. I was totally under her control – never more so than when I could tell from her footsteps that she had left the room.

Puppy training!

Where had she gone? What was she about to do to me?  I sensed from rustling noises that she was – probably – searching through her kit. Time really did seem to stand still. My breathing became slightly heavier. Then there was the sound of her returning footsteps. I felt a collar being fastened, then tightened, around my neck. “Get on your knees,” she ordered. (These were the only words she spoke during this part of the session. Which in itself only added to my enjoyment: the knowledge that I had to follow her commands.)

On your knee’s!

She moved  back to the camera but quickly returned. I could  hear it’s timer ticking down as she grasped the lead and the image of the two of us together was taken.
I would have been happy with what Miss Kay had done up to them. The lady had other plans in store, however. Having removed the gag hood and straitjacket,  we both had some liquid refreshment when I was told: “I have another hood for you to wear.” This, I discovered, was made of latex and open around the eyes. To my delight, she then produced a latex mask which I would  have to wear as a blindfold.

Having placed the hood over my head, Miss Kay said: “I shall prepare the chair,”  and I realised that I was in a similar situation to before. Totally unsure about what was going to happen next.

Going nowhere!

What was going to happen next saw me being securely tied by rope to the chair,

ball-gagged and finally – with just the hint of a smile on her face – Miss Kay stepped forward to swiftly pull the blindfold over my eyes. I was helpless once again.

After taking photos of me , she said: “I can see you are enjoying that. So I’m going to hold you there while I enjoy my drink.”
She may have deliberately been quiet earlier to add to the mood, but was now back to her usual chatty self. It is true that my ability to respond was somewhat hampered – I had to make do with vigorous nods in agreement to what she said. Better still, I had to wait for her to decide to release me. What a terrific way to round off another session with a quite remarkable woman.
16th May 2018

Miss Kay has developed a good hard hand!

Yesterday 15th I set off down the M74 for some disciplinary action from that lovely disciplinarian, Miss Kay. It was a lovely warm sunny morning but I had a feeling it was going to get a lot warmer. After the usual light refreshment and chat it was trousers and pants down and over her knees for a bare bottom spanking. Miss Kay was wearing a very fetching black

cat suit which was very cool on the skin. My bottom however did not stay cool for long. She started off with her gloves on which I thought was very pleasant, then the gloves came off and I started to feel it. Miss Kay has developed a good hard hand and soon my bum was stinging. Other things were used like school rulers and a little strap with a handle that has a lovely sting to it.
A short trip over to the spanking bench came next. Miss Kay tested out most of her arsenal of straps and tawses with six from each of them and followed that up by letting me feel half a dozen whacks from her favourite canes. My rear end was certainly being disciplined. A birch I had made was then used and I received a dozen good hard strokes. What do you think of the birch Miss Kay asked me , its a good one I replied through gritted teeth. I was then ordered to stand up and hold out my hands for the belt. Six hard stinging strokes were applied, she can really give the belt. If she had been a teacher I would have done my homework. Miss Kay was not happy with the first six and gave me another six, my hands were now glowing a bright red colour.
After another light refreshment it was back to the spanking bench for a leathering from her prison strap, It makes a wonderful sound when it connects with the bare rear end. She also let me try out her convent strap which stung a bit. Finally I received twelve of the best from her favourite cane. I felt I had been well disciplined.
Miss Kay’s last action was to demonstrate how skillful she can be while belting your hands. Whilst holding her mobile phone in her left hand as a camera she gave me six of the belt on the hands. I thought to myself she is bound to miss once or twice, not a chance, each stinging stroke was laid on hard and landed right on the mark. What an end to a fantastic day.


16th May 2018

It was just as well I had remembered my manners!

Ready for puppies dinner!

The two dog bowls I’d brought along for our photo shoot were over on the other side of the room.

Miss Kay, busy getting her camera ready, nodded in their direction. “Go and get the dog bowls,,” she said.
I must have stared at her blankly, seconds too late in responding.  {I am returning to this lifestyle after many years away, Miss Kay is leading me slowly but firmly back to a place I have yearned to be in an understanding way with clear empathy.}
“GO and get the dog bowls.” No louder – just even more of an order.
The penny dropped. I did as I was told.
Then a smile spread across her face. “You haven’t got the hang of this yet, have you?” she laughed.
(You’re right Miss Kay, I haven’t. But I’m glad to say that with you in control of me, I will.))
There ‘d been a smile on her face when she’d greeted me, holding the front door open in welcome. There was a red dress and a pair of white panties for me to change into. She’d remembered what  I’d enjoyed wearing on my first visit exactly one month earlier.
During our catch-up chat I mentioned that I was interested in experiencing more CP.
So after her OTK warm-up Miss Kay decided that I need to undergo a toughening up programme. After fastening me to her spanking bench, the mirror was placed in front of us. That way, I could watch as she delivered the first round of her programme.  Six strokes – first a paddle, then a swishy cane – were administered to one bottom cheek, then the other. Strapped down as I was, I had to accept the punishment before being set free.
Miss Kay then informed me that, a couple of days earlier, a very generous sub had gifted her some very interesting items.  (As I was to discover for myself, I think a lot of her future visitors may well be grateful for his gesture.) One of them was a PU leather straitjacket, and knowing my love of tight bondage, Miss Kay did me the honour of asking if I would like to try it out. Would I? As I’m sure you will agree, it would have been rude not to. My upper half was swiftly immobilized,  first as she did up the straps at the back, then my arms were fixed across my chest.
There was more to come. “Are you up for the gag hood ?” she asked. “Yes please, ” I replied. It was just as well I had remembered my manners as those were the last words I was going to be able to say for quite some time.  “Open your mouth,” Miss Kay instructed and the ball gag went in. She then set to, fastening what seemed like a remarkable – but very pleasing – amount of straps, making them tight  then tighter still. And it may have been the size of the hood, but I did find it difficult to see out of the eyeholes. I was immobile, unable to speak and pretty much unable to see what was going on.
(For anyone who enjoys the sensation of total enclosure, this must seem like perfection. Although It’s probably worth mentioning that the hood means that anyone who suffers from claustrophobia – I don’t – might choose to opt just for the straitjacket instead. )
Miss Kay had yet more in store for me. Another gift had been a wand vibrator, and she began to use this at will around my body, concentrating on my nipples, cock and balls until she brought me to the edge of a climax, time and time again. A combination of that, the material I was wearing, and my restrained state was quite a sensation to experience, believe me.
But there was still more to come. For her finale, Miss Kay turned me round so my face was up against the wall and then delivered yet more CP across my buttocks. And then there was silence – save for the click, click, click as she captured me on camera. Absolutely incredible.
One more memory from what was a very fulfilling session for me. Noticing my pleasure as she prepared to put the hood around  my head, she’d remarked: “You’re a kinky beggar, you”.
Not only does Miss Kay excel at what she does. She is also an excellent judge of character …                   Tom
4th May 2018

Gasmask in place, I was tied to the table…….

This was my third visit to Miss Kay and I’m slowly exploring my likes and dislikes.
Miss Kay is very easy to talk to and is able to make suggestions that make you think ‘I hadn’t thought of that, but yes, I’ll try it’.

I wanted this visit to be similar to my last one, something different to wear, foot and shoe worship, spanking, tie and tease and a tantric massage to end with.
I’d asked Miss Kay for something nice to wear and she put out two outfits to choose between. I chose the red outfit with the small silky thong panties.
They felt so good.
Miss Kay was wearing her favourite red patent heel and I spent a lovely while stroking them, kissing them and sucking the heels.
Next i was told to go over her knees to be spanked.
She raised the bottom of my outfit and pulled my panties up tight and set about reddening my bottom.
Unlike my previous visit where I didn’t enjoy the fast spanking, this was slower and so enjoyable. After every spank she rubbed my bottom and lifted her hand.
The anticipation was intense, then her hand came down hard, warming one cheek or the other.
Before and after pictures were posted on Twitter.
It’s difficult to explain, but I was so happy!

On to the tie and tease, Miss Kay asked if I’d ever worn a gasmask or tried poppers before, I hadn’t but was very willing to try them.
, ear defenders put in place and all kinds of things done to bits of my anatomy.
I don’t know what type of nipple clamps she used but I loved the feeling of them, especially towards the end when Miss Kay seemed to pull and flick them.
The poppers didn’t do a huge amount for me other than make me relax, but I wasn’t exactly tense before hand – worth trying again.
After everything was removed and I was untied there was still time for a massage, including prostrate massage.
Feeling the massager being pushed in felt great and a lovely ending to my visit.

I feel I keep saying it was all so good, but it was.
Lots of new experiences and sensations and all are burnt into my mind.

I post the testimonials because I read other testimonials before I first visited Miss Kay and it helped me decide what direction my visits were to go.
I hope the this will help someone decide that this kind of experience is worth trying.

Biggest disappointment was that Miss Kay had disposed of the black leather spiky shoes with the red soles I’d loved so much on my previous visit.
Best part was the spanking, although Miss Kay was disappointed at my request for no marking (there was just a warm red glow).
I’m hope to be able to schedule a visit where she can try out other items on my bottom and leave something that will last for a few days.

Many thanks Miss Kay.