3rd April 2018

Warm Welcome and Even Warmer Goodbye

It has been many years since I experienced a CP session and I am pleased that I chose this lady as a
step back in time.
Easy to find location especially if the directions are followed and a discreet environment which put
me at ease quickly.
A brief run through of my experiences and desires was followed by the first sessions I had requested.
Recollections of the school belt came back quickly and painfully as six strokes of a heavy tawse were
applied equally to my palms. A short sharp shock indeed. This was followed some minutes later by a
further six with an alternative strap.
Having never experienced an over the knee spanking I was keen to find out what impact this had on
me. Miss Kay explained that she would start with a thorough warm up before developing the session
into a more painful and memorable experience. Quite honestly I was too focussed on the throbbing
of my hands to concern myself about the bottom thrashing I was about to receive.
And indeed, it was a thrashing, a sound hand spanking with leather gloves and her bare hand was
followed up with at least two different rulers. Over twenty minutes of being held in position while
my bottom was beaten to a glowing red mess was magnificent, I was shaking at the end of this
I was feeling rather uncomfortable and this grew as the spanking bench was uncovered. I must admit
to some fear and trepidation at the site and wondered whether my bottom would be able to take
whatever was being planned. I was soon to find out, having bent over the bench and instructed to
hold on and not move, my bottom erupted in pain as a flat paddle drilled with several holes was
applied first to my right cheek six times then again to my left cheek. I was both thrilled and
thoroughly punished. Several seconds later another implement, three tailed short tawse struck my
tender bottom in the same places.
Miss Kay was conscious of my need for discretion and stopped at this stage allowing us both to
examine the damage and decide on the next steps.
I could see a red and bruised mess in her mirror and decided that the next phase of the session
should be more focussed on other pleasures. Through to the massage table and all manner of
pleasures awaited me.
I was first blindfolded and gently tied in position. Clamps were applied to my nipples and my balls
securely tied. This was a new experience for me as was the pin wheel and ice which teased and
tortured every part of my body for what seemed a very long time. There was also tiger balm applied
to some very sensitive areas which enhanced the sensation.
Having thought this session was over as the clamps were removed I was delighted to discover the
joys of nipple suction for the first time, it won’t be the last. To further enhance the sensation Miss
Kay inserted a prostate massager which had me shaking for top to toe, a breath-taking experience.
All to soon the pleasure was interrupted and I was ordered back to the punishment room where I
presented the prescribed 200 lines. These were not to Miss Kay’s satisfaction and therefore my
hands were offered for a further dose of the strap. I tried the densest available but could only take
one stroke, it immediately bruised my palm and sadly had to be replaced with a milder

chastisement. Six strokes with a genuine Lochgelly followed by six with a more supple but painful
strap followed. My bottom was examined again, it was decided that I had to experience the cane,
even if it was the thinnest on offer. We agreed six strokes which were applied lightly. The sting on
my already tender bottom was excruciating. No more could be done, sadly my lack of experience
and long stretch between session prevented further punishment.
We concluded our session with a debrief and a nice chat about the scene in general.
I left thoroughly chastised with a very red, bruised and sore bottom. My hands were still aching
three days later, and the bruising and signs of the spanking took almost a week to fade.
This lady is relaxed, experienced, gentle and persuasive. This was a wonderful session and I only wish
there were more opportunities to experience the pain and pleasure of a visit to Hamilton.