14th August 2018

Worth the wait!

Worth the wait!

I am writing this 3 hours or so after my first session with Miss Kay, and actually my first session with any disciplinarian. It’s something I’ve thought about for a long time and finally decided to bite the bullet after reading the other testimonials. All I can do is agree with every word.

From the moment I first made contact with Miss Kay, she was friendly, funny and understanding.

On the day, I phoned to confirm my booking and got instructions on how to find the location.

I pressed the buzzer, heart in mouth, and walked up the stairs to be met by Miss Kay smiling, looking stunning in a blouse, tight skirt and incredible red high heels.

We sat down and she asked questions to establish what kind of session I was looking for. As well as it being my first time, I also couldn’t be heavily marked. Miss Kay talked through how we would keep an eye it (though I think she was maybe a bit disappointed at the lack of marking given her obvious love of spanking naughty boys).

Down to business and I was instructed to take off my trousers and to go over Miss Kay’s lap for a warm up. She started with her gloved hand, spanking me in volleys of 10 or so before moving onto just a few of her cast selection of implements – a short strap and plimsol amongst others.

Before long, the glove was pulled off and my pants pulled down and the bare bottom spanking I’ve been craving began. First with her hand, then back through the implements, this time the effects much greater.

After being ordered from her knee (I have to say I was reluctant to get up) we took a check on the damage and decided to continue.

At this point, I was ordered over the spanking bench and my hands strapped to the side. This was all a bit of a blur as the intensity and severity of the implements increased. We moved onto leather paddles and eventually 6 strokes with a particularly stingy cane.

After another check on my increasingly red bottom I was back over Miss Kay’s knee, wearing only my socks, for a seemingly even harder spanking.

Then back over the bench for a final flurry, including a dose of the strap {Number of strokes being decided on the roll of a dice!} which looking back was my favourite. We finished with the riding crop which pushed me to my limit, earning me a “Jessie-star” rather than a gold one!

I have to say it was an absolutely fantastic hour spent with a beautiful, funny, knowledgeable woman who has the best interests of her clients at heart and a mean right hand. Whilst it was worth the wait, my only regret is that I didn’t do it sooner.

Thanks Miss Kay!